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Quite a fun game. I only struggled cuz I'm a brainlet.

The fourth grave has a skull.  Give LL the sword and put the seat beneath the grave. Then put LL and MM to the side of the grave. It'll probably take some trial and error to get them in the right position.

I was hoping I'd get a secret ending from skipping the mirror.

But I got something even better!

This game was remarkably fun! The attention to detail with the spam mail was nice to see, and the website element made the game very engaging. I can't wait to see what you make next.

I managed to shove myself into the locked room with the final ram in it. Nothing can stop me from going into strange portals.

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SPOILERS, if you care.

little dudes, what they doing in there.

At the end of my run, I had a semi-automatic shotgun with minuscule accuracy and missiles for bullets. 

Thank you, I was completely at a loss.

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Man, I opened up myself to this, didn't I? Fair play to you sir, I would laugh but it's the middle of the night for me.

Since I know you're still active in the comments, could I get a hint for the waterfall? I'm completely stuck.

For me, it's definitely the Fairy Queen's. Lobster

mmm, booba

I was hoping there would be some sort of reward for gathering the diamonds, but I suppose the limited time for the jam would make you focus on other things.

You didn't hear? Week 7 caused such a tsunami of new members that it crashed the site. They're working on improving the servers right now, so we don't really know when it's coming back.

Someone tried to juice Lemon boy.

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Level 11 has me stumped. can someone help me out

nevermind i figured it out.

made a biblically accurate angel.

ngl. almost cried

Nice game! There is a bug in the the project stage where two blocks would stack on each other and you couldn't get past