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Just wanted to cosign the dimensions part--an easy solve as you say would be just to shrink the starting numbers, although it may also provide cover for early-mid game rebalancing as will inevitably be needed when updating for polish imo. The dev would be wise to consider your extensive feedback, I think.

EDIT: to elaborate on the point, Olympus Mons on Mars is the tallest mountain range in our solar system at a little over 21 km high. I'm not even sure a megameter mountain is physically possible, given the apparent limitations of terrestrial planets. (<EDIT again for SciShow link)

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Feels a little fishy that the dev hasn't responded to this or others saying the same in the bug report thread. Probably nothing, but it's a bad look.

Came here to ask a version of this--I just downloaded the itch app so it automatically updates (to resolve OP's problem), but have played for a couple days now. I was wondering if there's a simple way to port my save file from the straight up computer game program to the version in the itch app? 

Still probably my favorite incremental. Wishing you well and looking forward to whatever work you produce in the future~! <3

Hi there! This link seems broken unfortunately. :( could you share a new one with us?

My favorite incremental of all time, substantially beating out A Dark Room after something like 7 years undefeated. This from someone who has played virtually every major incremental title since 2015. 

Literally everything about this game is great, from the graphics to the music to the writing to the mechanics--it's like a love letter to incremental gaming, disguised as a dire warning about the pitfalls of capitalism. Or vice versa. And better yet, all the component parts work together to form a Trash Gestalt--somehow funny and clever and wise and poignant and sad. 

Although the ending is an eensy bit of a copout, and Act 4 could have been a little shorter, I choose to believe that Karl Marx would be proud of this homage debris. My only regret is that there isn't an Act 6 (complete with a Comrade Racoon ecosocialist utopia). But at any rate--bravo.