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Scalie supremacy


Jokes aside, it's a fanart of the character Witch Doctor, from Terraria.

Probably abandoned... Their discord links are expired, no social media links, no updates on their patreon.

I really hate when this happens, if you doesn't want/can finish your project, don't let us in the dark hoping an update.

I hate myself because I see all the update content at once, then I run out of content

Very gay, i like it

A Tip: house

Well... We almost did it with Joseph

Everything has to be balanced...

Dave looks breedable

Runan, he would be the perfect wife.

Another vn to my collection!

My god... I'm so sorry to hear that... rest in peace Sylos...

We are finnaly getting close to Zhokhar romance availability!

I'm IN LOVE with the new sprites!

Runan NEEDS a picture of him wearing a wedding veil

just don't get enough like points with any of the villagers

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This bad ending made me shake, seriously, it made me feel sad for a while. If other bad endings are going to be like this one, I'll really be scared. WE CANNOT LET THE GUILD TAKE OUR HUSBANDS AWAY!!! #guildsucks

SCALIES!!! I will definitely buy this when it's completed

Every quarter for what it seems, so i would expect a update for late-november/early or mid-december. It's not a rule, I'm just speculating

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I wanna make out with the spiky wifey tsundere

I'm looking forward to "The Kiss Update"!

*Pls i need to kiss these scalies*

What is "The Secrets"?

Ohhhhh, Thais looks interesting, i will look forward to Future updates and the english version!

So sad, because i think he is very hot lol, would be very cool dating the villain

Hm, reviving the thread, does that dragon in the cover is dateable? I haven't read the vn yet



I think you can use JoiPlay to play the game

I have been conquered

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The dev said in his twitter that he is on a complicated moment at his life because of losses from his family. I suppose this game will take a VERY LONG time to be updated again(or not be updated at all). 

Another amazing project to follow and enter in my collection!

Bruh, What did you guys do to me?  Now every day I go to this page to see if there is any news about the game, this game is so damn good😭

I play on android, and works perfectly in JoiPlay

My dream has finally come true

An amazing game so far! would be good if this game will have an Android version! 

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Maybe a Giratina(altered form) romance-able character, i think Giratina is very underrated and needs some love ^^

I didn't understand how the game works... I know about dialogue variations depending on your stats, but i didn't understand the progression(if the game have one) or how to get scenes/cgs/gameovers. 

The game have a guide or something like that? 

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Thank you for the fast answer! I have another question:

Using the FAQ 5, means that in 'Tales from Woodcrest' will the non main love interests (Jay, Russel, Kyrex...) will be an route? Or just sex scenes? I'm a bit confused about this.