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Install(on mobile) or extract and run in the PC?

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I think it needs an option to change the font, it's very small and is hard to read, but nice game!

How do we get all characters Ultimate weapons?

I've found a new hidden gem! Looking forward to the eng version!

 新しい隠れた逸品を見つけました! 英語版をお楽しみに!

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How do i unlock Bonding event?

I already got the heart with Roushk/Othra and made the hunting contest quest.

Sorry for the mystake, i was thinking about iPhones, iPads and some others devices like that. 

You can't install any game that ins't on AppStore on a iOS device. 

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Magical Laboratory Safety's public publication date and its Patreon publication date were about 1 month and 2 days apart (in my time zone), taking this into account: Next Level should launch for public between the 31st of August and the 3rd of September.

Just a Hypotesis

I'm not a native english speaker so sorry for any gramatical errors.
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Can't wait for the public release! 

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The link ins't working, even using CnP. 

Edit: i'm dumb lol, just put the https:// in the start of the link

Thanks for the reply, don't worry i can wait :)

For me occurs the error "file not found" and "this bin is not avaiable". how i fix this?

I'm looking to buy the steam version of the game, but I wanted to know if the and steam version are exactly the same, because I want to follow the game and its updates because I don't want to buy the game twice.

i think this site can help you:

 it is a database of a wide variety of vn's, look here and see if you can find any vn you like

Roushk has scenes/cgs?

No, and it probably won't, because the game is focused on the lgbt audience, but there are chances (even very low) of the game having straight routes.

(sorry for my bad english)

omg, finally the update :D


you can only download .apk on android

you can't download anything that ins't on apple store on iPhone

Possibly works on JoiPlay because of Ren'Py.

tem no guia do jogo

click on download in the option "LustfulDesires-0.38.1-android.apk"

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the game wasn't made with Ren'py, I think the game was made with unity, so JoiPlay can't run the game.

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O jogo ainda está sendo produzido, as builds mais novas são para assinantes do Patreon.

Não sei se ainda vão atualizar a versão pública, mas tem uma boa chance da proxima versão pública ser após de terminarem a primeira batalha de boss( que no caso é a batalha contra o Bates, o Dragão)

Se quiser instalar as builds mais novas, vire assinante do Patreon da Full Frontal Frog.

he's asking how he can get past the Dragon god(idk who he is)

81 days :'(

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Hello Platier 

I don't know if it's a bug or it wasn't implemented in the game, the kissing CG's Ray's route doesn't appear in the CG Gallery in the Mobile version (as I'm without a PC I can't tell if this is also happening in the computer version)

Also a image of the CG "Heat of the Moment" more precisely image 8 does not appear in the gallery saying it's locked

(sorry for my bad english)

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you haven't uploaded the 1.4.1 mobile version for download? when I go to download it only appears on pc 1.4.1 and mobile is still on 1.4

Do you intend to make an Android version or will the game be for computers only? I wanted to play but my pc broke :'(

Please give Me The Link,I requested u my username is SunLightning⭐#3664

Use The JoiPlay With Ren,Py Plugin And U Can Play In Android (Have In The Play Store)