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Wow I just looked at the sheets and am wondering why I've never used these characters before they look amazing!  Will totally use these for a Bakin game at some point, thank you very much!

I added sparkles to entrances and exits cause someone else had the same problem but now I think the maps just aren't great. If I make another Bakin game it'll probably have... Well, I like to surprise. It would be very different from this. 

I'm going to play this again with a better party composition but you clearly put a lot of effort into this! Good job!

It was fun and I enjoyed the writing! But I did get that bug that kept me from progressing. 

That was pretty fun!

It made me lol!

Scariest game I've played in a while! There's a softlock when you try to move the wastebin while you're south/under it is the only bug I found, but that can be fixed with a conditional branch. You nailed the scary atmosphere with this game!

I liked the music and set pieces!

These are awesome!

Thank you! I didn't have much of a plot this time around and just focused on making it fun and cool while I learn the engine.

This is beautiful as hell, man

Correct, you're a "flying" pizza. Mama mia! 

It's also a lil homage to Devil May Cry and action games where air combos make you defy gravity. Theres even a DMC outfit if you use the cheat code. Thanks for playing! 

Just beat the game! Didn't have any bugs, so good job! 

The credits for the actors killed me : D

Yup, that worked! My bad : 3

I might just be dumbing out but I can't download the file?

I'm interested in purchasing this. What format is it in? Are these pngs or sprite sheets?

Whoa this looks dope!

Here, I just made it public. Right now I'm reworking the weapons and adding cheat codes so the pizza can dress like Dante, but this is the full story. I used your sprite for the "Dairy Dealer". 

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Thank you! I used the scaffolding as a background tile in my game, Pizza Redemption. Good stuff!

I used the eyeball monster in my new game, Pizza Redemption. Thanks yo!

I used this and the space background generator for my game, Pizza Redemption, and will likely keep keep using your stuff! It's really useful! Looks great

I used the main character as the Dairy Dealer in my game, Pizza Redemption. I even bought it so I could modify some talking animations!

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Hey man, thanks for playing and keeping in touch! I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to make shorter, funnier games from now on. The world needs more positivity.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I would totally use these again in the future, it was fun decorating Cole's ship.

These are adorable! I'm going to use them for my horror game, going for a Raze's Hell type deal. Thank you!

Hey I made a game using these sprites. It's here on itch. It's called Chromatic Abrasion. There's also a YouTube or Odysee video of it.