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One-Eyed Lieutenant

A member registered Jan 14, 2021

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A pretty fun game! I wanted to bring back horror games on my channel and I couldn't think of a game better that this! BTW, here's the video! 

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Loved this game and can't wait for more! Thanks Vaporsky Studios! :D

The Greatest Horror Games' Developer returns! Really amazing game, buddy! Really enjoyed it! But I wasn't able to complete it in 1 episode so I made an entire series lol 馃槀. Anyways, here's the link! :

BTW, Check the last episode for my feedback! Luv you guys' games and hope your next games comes out ASAP! 

Surely a great game. Definitely LOVED the concept! I still don't know why you're so underrated man! Anyway, here's my video! :

Definitely a great game! I really enjoyed this sir! The parkour part was great and the storyline was a bit confusing but I understood it all at the end :) 

I actually had to make 2 videos for this game as I was not able to complete it in 1 xD. Here they are!: 

Whoever did the voice, man you nailed it! I don't think this game could be any better! Here's my POV:

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Definitely a great game! I enjoyed it alot and made a video about it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror games! Sadly, I was not able to complete it but I surely enjoyed! Here's my video: Delirious!