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Awesome Game!!

Finally,get all the weapons and Bosses。

This game is good, l have fun and interesting experience。But it had some problems when I was playing。

Dual pistols and Frisbee is too hard too use,Dual pistols is powerless and Frisbee will hurt yourself.。When you get two weapons at 40+ boxes,you will hard to survive。

Mio cannon and Okayu is special weapons,but not useful enough。Because Mio cannon is underpowered to attack enemy,Ocayu have heavy recoil,which causes Korone hard to move。In this game most important thing is dodge the bullet and enemies,so I feel machine gun is better useful than this two weapons。

The final weapon is to difficult to get。I suppose it must to be defeat 4th boss to get。I play more  than 10 hours and  get over 6,000 boxes, but all these fight is failed。I know I am not good at this type of game, but I still feel is to difficult。I want to get the weapon,but I play hard and reduce the fun。Hope it can be simpler。

This game is good, l think it has more room for improvement,I will still continuously play it。