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Oh shoot, I’m sorry! I should’ve pinged you haha. Glad you enjoyed it though!! I’ve already started updating some things, and working on completing the world that’ll feature the last track you composed :] Thank you again for being apart of this!! 

Of course! And no worries, I was actually surprised how much you were able to put into the game with the limited time!

Of course! And don’t apologize heh, the hardest part of the dev process is getting the game up and running (and running well) imo. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

Really inspired game! The main character is super cute, and each of the effects were equally so. I liked the emphasis on computer software and glitches too! Two things I'd recommend: the first being to add an animation/sound effect when equipping/unequipping effects (adding a unique sound for the mixed effects would be really cool too!) The other would be to add more landmarks in some of your looping worlds (I got very lost in the teal door especially, even if isolation was intentional). All in all, great work! I am looking forward to seeing more :]

What a cool (haha) idea for a game! Gotta say, you made a very intriguing intro, the time limit really helped feed that fear. I didn't spot any bugs myself but I have two things to note: first is that the "hood" effect has an idle animation that is faster than the walking animation (which while it gets the idea across very well it also makes it a little jarring). The other is that transitions will show the weather if its in effect, meaning the black screen will have snow falling for a split second. You could feed into this a bit and make it longer if you wanted but I figured I would mention it. All in all a great entry!

This was wonderful!! I am frankly shocked how much content you were able to squeeze in here with the time limit! You were able to create a very cohesive and consistent atmosphere, and still make each environment look distinct, which I think is something many yume nikki fangames struggle with. As always I love the animations, very fluid and expressive. Personally, the moon form has to be one of my favorite effects I've seen in a yume nikki fangame...really stunning. Loved the music too, you make some great tunes (though I have to say the reference with the save music made me smile). And on top of all that you were able to add two endings?? Amazing! Keep up the great work :]

Thank you!! I really really appreciate all the help, and I can’t wait to get a full version completed!

Ahhh it seems so, I’ll patch that up asap. Thank you for letting me know, and for checking it out!