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thanks a lot.

First of all, thaks a lot for playing it.

In this game you make your own story in certain way, but there is an special inspiration on it: the lost of a familiar and the díficults to deal with all the troubles from that moment on, all of this with the rest of my family when i was a child. It also make a point on approaching to new people to make frinds, because they will be an incredible support on your life and maybe between thouse friends you can find the love of your life, thats what happened to me.

That was mainly my inspiration. Thankyou again for playing it.

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Hahaha. Great. This summer ill be one of that souls.

OMG! I loved the video. You are awesome!

I loved the way you played the game, the way you were figuring out all the story behind, in spite of the pixel font. And the most, all those questions you made yourself at the end of the game are the real goal. That´s how i really wanted the player to feel like. You nailed it.

I had an incredible time watching your gameplay. Thanks a lot for all your time (cause it takes a lot to kill every single player in the game).

Wish you the best.

Thanks, some times it is not about the money, its about creators sharing their creation with the world. Really apreciate your comment. Hope you like the game.

New verrsion and full release of ONE SHOT. Dont forget to leave  a comment. Thanks.

Beatiful.  Nice  work. Love the art and the simple idea of the game.

I use Unity for my games but im consider start using Godot.

Thankyou for your kind words. It means a lot to me that you liked the game. It is a small game but made it with passion. So is glad to read comments like this one. Thanks again.

Muy buen juego. Me ha encantado.

Wow, thanks a lot for your kind words. It meas a lot to me that people liked the game, it was just 72 hours to make it but i puted my heart on it. Really thankyou.

Im glad you liked it. It means a lot to me. It is a game a want people to enjoy, and its a bit reflexive. Really thankyou for your comment, really apreciate it!

Thanks so much for those kind words. Im excited you liked it. Thanks a lot for playing it and for the comment, i really apreciate it. It's wonderfull to know this small game touched somebody out there.

Oh, thanks a lot for playing it. Im glad you liked it. The music was conpletly improvised, i recorded myself playing the game and then, over it, i started to play and recording the music according to the feelings i wanted to remark. Then i just put it on the game, so im really excited you liked it. Also thanks for leaving a comment.

Thanks a lot for playing it and comment. Im super happy and excited you liked it. It makes me keep doing this small games that i love to do.

Great game, i really enjoyed it.

Woooww, great video. Lot of feedback and realy funny. Thanks a lot.

No bothering, im here to answer all the questions you could have, a videogame is nothing without the players so i need you to play it and let me know how you feel about it. Thanks a lot for playing and for your opinions. Im so happy you liked it, it means the world to me.

When the girl ask you to shoot you can aim to the right but cant shoot. The player says he has not the determination yet to do it. But when the conversation ends you can talk to her by pressing the Return or F Button and she prepare your weapon with one bullet and then you can shoot.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment, it helps me a lot to get feedback and improve this game and other ones in the future.

You can aim either pressing the R button or the left Control. And while aiming yo can press the F or Return to shoot.

The idea is that the player at the begining find out how to do it. I'll work on making it more intuitive.

Really thanks for playing and for leaving a comment. I really apreciate it.

Well, that´s part of the idea of the game. It would be easier to put the comands on screen but i wanted to make the player feel jus like the character in the game, who has no idea of how to shoot a gun at the begining and he has no the streght to make it, but when you find out how to do it then you need to think who deserves  it.

Thanks for playing and comment.
Sorry if the experience was not what you thought.

I really apreciate your words. Im so happy and excited that you liked the game. Thanks for the tips, i´ll keep them in mind for my next proyect.

Thanks a lot for your comment. I just fixed the problem. If you download the game again there willl be no black screen. Hope so. If you can check it and notify it will be great.

I made a small video in Spanish. Hope people loved it as much as i loved this game. Great game.

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Beautyfull. A lovely piece of art. Wonderfull job.

Great, it looks really pretty. Awesome work.

How you do the 3d of the game? Which software you use?