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Should work now in version 1.0.6!

Figured out the problem, was being triggered by launching the game without a gamepad connected (update loop for checking input from keyboard would fail before polling it). Should work now in version 1.0.6!

I assume windows? Also, are you running it through Steam or just on its own? And does it still do that without the external mouse connected on launch?

Sorry to ask a million questions, just covering all my bases! There’s a few things I’m thinking of trying.

Oh no. What setup are you using? Are you using a controller or keyboard? If controller which one?

Glad you were able to get it working on there! I just hope perf was good enough, heh.

I hope to see about making & testing a native Mac build later once I finish with the final patch in a week or so.

(sorry for the late reply, been a hectic week)
Would you be able to provide a build?

Dang, that’s quite unexpected. And to be clear, does the effect work/display properly in editor? (And you’re not using URP?)

Hmm, I can't seem to reproduce it so far.
Which GPU are you on? I haven't done much testing outside of Nvidia cards lately.

That’s certainly strange, but I’ll look into it. Which version of Unity are you using?

What GPU are you on?

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I can't understate how impressive this is! Great job remaking all the systems and general gameplay in Pico 8, I'm almost in disbelief how well this looks & plays, it's an absurdly polished demake that is shockingly true to the original gameplay & mechanics in many more ways than I'd anticipated!

I'll definitely have to sit down to look at the code closely when I have the time, since I'm super curious how little/much this pushes Pico 8 in terms of limitations.

Could you list what GPU and OS version your system has?

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Like it deletes the file instantly upon extraction, and I can't even figure out why it thinks it would be dangerous.

microsoft confirmed for fear of bones