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It had a nice atmosphere but I was walking around forever with that walk speed.

I love how eerily quiet it is.

I think I messed up by doing things out of order lol.

Very fast but not bad :]

The jumpscare didn't really work for me but I was addicted to cleaning this house lol.

Awesome Game dude!

It reminds me of this gamejolt Jeff the killer game I played a while back but with a storyline.

Really enjoyed it awesome job :D

Not bad I'm actually looking forward to the full release.

Literally the most unexpected ending lol.

Not bad that fish eye lens was crazy though.

It's pretty good at making you feel paranoid.

It's about time I get an SCP-096 game :D

Loved the game dude and amazing job with the atmosphere I didn't come off too strong and had that eerie feeling to it.

I broke the game twice but I really enjoyed it.

Pretty cool game dude I love how the guy doesn't react to the dead body but whips his gun out after reading a note.

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This is probably one of the best games I've ever played!

I already made a whole series on the full release but I thought I would leave my first video here.

I put your game in a compilation video and it was by far the best one.

You gotta update this dude it has loads of potential and some pretty cool ideas.

I found this a little bit ago and put your game in a compilation.

The opening was pretty cool but for some reason, the FPS dips way down halfway through a level.

Dude you need to update this I really think it could be something amazing.

I knew this was a sequel to Spongebob Killer Pants!

Cool game dude looking forward to seeing the next one.

Dude I love your game!

I was so paranoid the whole time I was playing it.

Good luck with the full release.

Not bad at all dude.

I'm always a fan of the loop PT feel but this is probably the best looking one out there.

I had some trouble with the padlock but everything else was pretty cool.

Always cool to see cut scenes in games like this.

Looking forward to seeing what you make next time ;).

This game had me raging dude.

I finally had a chance to play by myself (without recording).

I love the story and can't wait to see where the next chapter takes it.

I only have a single complaint and it's the hacking part.

Like I understand that you want people to learn how to use it but three times every time seems a little excessive.

Either way, loved your game and already wishlist it.

Pretty cool update, very unexpected playstyle but I love how different it is.

This gave me serious Chillas art vibes.

Loved the style you went for and I'm definitely checking out the suits have gone mad next :D

I love the art style you used it was literally the best fit for the Simpsons.

Also, it's pretty cool to see you going in a different direction I've been here since nightmare fishing tournament :D

I thought grimace was about to rush me as soon as I picked up the shake lol.

Pretty decent game your textures need a little fixing but this matches the meme perfectly.

Super short and very sweet just like a grimace shake.

Dude I love your game it's probably the best Shrek horror game out there.

My game was bugged at the end but I still enjoyed it.

Pretty cool game love the idea.

I loved the game!

I can't wait to see the next one you make and you should definitely make this into a series :D.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the full release on this one.

I really enjoyed the story and the aesthetic you were going for.

Well then...

I like the atmosphere you went for.

Can't wait for your stem release :D.

Pretty cool game but i feel like I had a bug or something at the end.

I feel like my gameplay was a little bugged but I did download this about 3 hours after the original release.

I love Mascot themed horror games!

I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to seeing your next release.

I love games like this it gives me a happy humble burger farm vibe.

I've never played observation duty before but if it's like this I'm hooked.

I really enjoyed everything about this one especially the ambiance and the fear of the unknown.

Looking forward to seeing your next game :D