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I swear this is one of the best short indie horror games out there.

The story was solid and the build up was amazing!

I love the atmosphere and music but the story was a little off for me.

Amazing work and detail on this one dude!

I can't wait to see what else you make (Huge fan of ritual).

Pretty cool game I wish the killer was a bit faster though.

Pretty good stuff but I feel like the audio shift is what was making this so much more terrifying.

The game broke pretty much after i ran out of ammo.

Made for a funny video though.

This game had me "cracking" up dude lol.

I'm Honestly shocked by how unique this game is.

It feels one of a kind and I can't believe this game is not trending yet.

I always thought clap on lights would be perfect for a horror game.

Amazing job you blew it out of the park!

I love the idea for this game and how unique it feels.

Awesome work dude I cant wait to see how you follow this up.

Dude I'm loving nightmare mode!

I can't wait for the next update.

The update was so worth the wait.

I love how disturbing this game was towards the end.

Awesome job!

Looking forward to the next update.

I loved it!

Anytime I play an open world horror game it feels so immersive keep it up.

Dude every game you make is awesome!

Keep it up.

Not bad at all.

I never actually read the creepypasta but this gives me a pretty good idea of what it's about.

That build up payed off big time towards the end of the game.

I love how open the game felt it made it so much more enjoyable!

Not bad but some of the animations had me cracking up.

Pretty cool.

Looking forward to the full release.

Pretty cool game can't wait to see what you come up with next.

I need that full release ASAP.

Loved the game and cant wait for the rest.

Legit lost while this game was giving me the win lol.

Of all things to add to this game you added something I'm legit addicted to lol

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Is this reuploaded? Because I played this about 2 years ago. 

Not bad looking forward to the next part.

I love this game so much!

This game is amazing dude!

I cant wait to see the next game you come up with.

Straight the best SpongeBob fan game out there.

I need more games like this in my life.

Dude amazing job bringing a real fear to life.

I love how this slowly progressed to a rage game.

I love how unique this feels!

Awesome job I cant wait to see how you expand on the idea.

Dude I love it and I really hope you keep updating it.

Dude I love all of your games I cant wait to see the next game you make.

I really hope you come back to finish this one day.

Not bad at all I love movie store horror games!

This game looks beautiful.

Loved every minute of it right before the end lol.

Love the story and the choice of music <3