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A lovely little game you've made and while it's clearly a clone of Vampire Survivor, it has a bit of a spin to it making it a bit different :D

I've really enjoyed 30 minutes spent with it and just managed to beat it!

It's such a lovely, relaxing little game you've made! I've just spent 20 minutes doing my first island and I have to say I really enjoyed it. 

The simple but engaging puzzle element definitely engages the player without making it feel overly cumbersome :)

Manage to finish with 52, though I've got no idea if it's a lot or a terrible score for the 1st try

This is a really fun game that takes a simple concept and delivers on it!

Well done, I would not imagine so much game and thinky decisions in such a tiny package :D I really think it looks great and keeps to the theme! :D

Hey SG!

That's a really interesting little game you've got there!
Make sure to share it on Reddit, as there's a whole community for journaling games there. It seems to be rapidly growing, so definitely worth sharing with others there!

Would you be interested in getting it across pages of a small upcoming TTRPG focused zine?

A superb social commentary of a game. You can see how much work went into this! Well done :)

My score wasn't so bad for a first try!
It's a fun little idea that you made into a fun little game. Good luck with your future projects!

While almost a year later, I do have something that is worth sharing. This reddit group is solely focused on epistolary genres and games, so that's definitely worth checking out :)

An interesting take on idle game with a unique theme. A fun little game to kill 15-20 minutes with :D

A nice simple small game that's really fun. I'd love to see some more units and more constructions available so I'll definitely be looking forward to some updates!

So far it's very promising and addictive :D

I'm glad you like them! I may revisit it and add some more things in the future, but for now that hopefully will help you get started! 

That looks really good! It definitely has the retro vibes going!

2 years later... but the tables have finally arrived! haha

Having forgotten about the project to focus on other games, I've felt a sudden urge to revisit it today and give you the tables you wanted Joey! So I do hope you'll like them :)

The game showcases your passion. It's an experience that I'm yet to undertake, but one that definitely has potential to become very memorable. As for the design, it presents itself superb on that lovely spread :)

Congratulations on your first submission! I hope this will be a great beginning of your designer journey!

A lovely collection of really creative 24-word TTRPGS! Well done! I'm really amazed at how much you managed to put into each one of these and how creative the mechanics are.

I've got to admit looks great and sounds fun. I'm yet to draw my first demon but I'm impressed how much you managed to fit into 24 words! :)

Well done and I'm looking forward to your other games!

That's a really nice adventure you've got there. A great way to start something bigger or add in-between your usual sessions (if a player is unable to join etc.).

I really like the spread, the design and the art. It all looks really pretty and reads great!

Well done on that! :)

It's been short but a fun experience.

I won't lie I expected the chance to hide and then get caught a bit later, but for a the couple of minutes it provided it's been fun :D

This has been a well spent couple of minutes. You really built the atmosphere well and I have to say, for few minutes of a playtime it's been really fun.

I'll be looking forward to your other projects!

It's such a fun title that definitely needs more recognition!

Having run it at my table it was a fun little evening filled with laughter and some memorable moments!

Thanks for sharing such a fun game with us!

Thank you ever soo much. It means a lot to hear such words of praise from the community. I'm glad you liked it. 

I'm an avid rpg designer and writer, so game jams are all physical for me. Couldn't program a thing apart from basic VN's or an rpg maker one haha so it's all ttrpgs that I'm focusing on. 

Yep. By all means you could play as one of the ordinaries. There's nothing stopping you from doing that, but you're cutting out a large chunk of the gameplay by not including the powers related to the Major Arcana cards. Fateweaver being a TTRPG allows you to play whatever you really feel like :) A political intrigue among the Elders, goody-goody adventure to save some poor Ordinaries, or some dungeon delve to uncover hidden secrets of the Fateweaving itself :D

As for choosing your affinity as a commoner, you could still do it but this would be more related to your job in the society. A farmer would be a sword, needing physical strength, while a scientist could be a wand for their smarts. It's all fully playable as ordinaries where Fateweaving is something you heard of but never truly understood nor seen. You could play a whole group of ordinaries who are hoping to challenge the status quo and refuse their pre-ordained life status :D Plenty of ideas just from that bit itself I'd say!

Have fun and make it your own!

Thank you ever so much for your comment. It's been lovely to read and hear your thoughts about the Fateweaver.

The formatting took some time to get right but I'm really happy with the final result. Funnily I have used Word to make it, instead of opting out for some more complex tools like GM Binger (which I know you used in Gretel) :) Which by the way I'm planning to test out tomorrow :)

As for the Fateweaver itself with 32 pages I hoped to provide a full TTRPG game with core rules, basic setting and core GM tools to allow the game to be played 'out of the box'. I was considering making a GM tool cheat sheet, but in the end run out of time to create a whole set of these. Also I thought that printing or screenshotting specific pages with the respective tables should be simple enough to run the game smoothly :)

Thank you for checking the Fateweaver out and for such a positive response! Good luck with the jam ratings!

Thank you kindly! I'm glad you like it. It's been a bit hectic but I'm really glad you like the final result!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to drop some feedback after the game :D

Well done on the very first project in Godot! I really enjoyed the short, but fun experience with your game! Good luck with the future projects!

Not only does the game look cute but also has a nice storyline. It's simple but really fun. I really found the father/daughter storyline cute yet relatable. It's nice to see writing that feels so life-like.

While I did experience few issues, especially with the 'save' that simply refused to work, for a first game of your team it's a great attempt! 

Good luck with your future work and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Despite your comment that the game bugged it worked perfectly fine for me! It's been a nice, relaxing experience that is a great way to introduce someone to Tarot as a whole. It feels almost like an introductory lesson in what Tarot is and how to do the basic spreads. Well done!

I really like the minimalist art style with character colours and simple but good looking linework. Well done! Considering the short turnover that looks promising!

Good luck with the full version of the game! It's a story that I'm looking forward to continue.
WELL done on getting it all done for the Jam and good luck with the project!

I really like the art style. Kudos to the artist! It does have that Tarot look with some really interesting beast pieces to use :)

Thank you ever so much. I won't lie, it's been a busy couple of days when the jam started as I had to front load a lot of work, but I'm really happy with the final result. 

Sure thing! I'd love to be the part of the Bundle :) 

Thank you very much! I really appreciate such positive feedback. I'm glad to hear you like it!

It's such a fun little game you've made!
Very simple yet challenging, which makes me want to play it again and again.

That was a super fun little game you've made!
I love the idea and the aesthetic!

Well done :)

It's a nice little teaser! Good luck with the rest of the project!

That's a lovely little beat-em up with so much soul to it!

Great little game and well done on it!

That was a really nice, densely pack experience :) You can feel the isolation and the sense of entrapment! Getting really good Nostromo vibes here.

Well done!

Hi Pat.

Thank you for purchasing the game and I'm really glad you like it. I'm afraid that I do not know of any larger communities. Most of the epistolary games I've tried myself were with friends. Though I'd love to try something out with a larger group of people :)

I'd say reddit is a great place to start looking for some people :)

Hit the home run!
It's been really fun, concise experience.

Thanks a lot! :D