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Hello again, and thanks for answering so quickly!

As a follow-up, I went back to the main entrance and tried to interact with the front door. Unfortunately, the result seems to be the same as with the stairs: the prompt for hitting the A button appears at the bottom right of the screen, but I can't actually interact with it.

I can observe the coin flattener next to it though (not that it's a particular comfort in this situation).
So, yeah, I guess I'll restart the game altogether.

Thanks again for your quick response and keep up the good work!

Thoroughly enjoyed Fishing Vacation, so I gave this one a try.
Was quite enjoying it but I stumbled unto a bug that prevents me from going further.
After Daniel asked me to check the back of the Anatomy Exhibition and wandered around a bit, I went back and saved my game in the Security Office. The problem now is that when I come back out and try to climb upstairs, nothing happens when I hit the space bar. Both stairs don't seem to recognize the input and therefore I can't progress further in the game.
I tried quitting the game and reloading my save with the same effect unfortunately.
I'm playing on Windows with the v1.6 of the Lameboy Pocket version.
Can you please help?

Hi there! Great game, but I stumbled upon a bug.


After getting back from fishing on the third day, instead of trying to open the cellar thanks to the third key, I tried and go out of the house by the main entrance. 
Which I did, only to end up on a black screen, no sound, nothing...

I suppose it wasn't meant to be, and I'm sad I didn't get a proper ending. :'(

If it's of any importance, I went night fishing before Day 3.
Great job otherwise, I'll try and do it over again some time, hopefully without issue. ^^'

Oh thanks so much !


Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm trying to play the Demo and I don't know how to get past the Old God selection screen.

Whether I choose an available Old God or a random one, I don't know where to click to validate my choice and therefore start the game.

Could you help me, please ?