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Great! Hope it goes well to make it.  I really hope that I Will like the new game as well.

Ok, no problem. It's just I have problem with getting another wired controller. Well now I don't need to wonder. Hope your next game is the same good as lazers.

I wonder when the campain mode for LAZERZ+ will come.

yay! I’m very happy about that!😀


Oh... well when I’ve got enought money i’ll buy it! 

Ok see you in 3 weeks/1 Month! :)

I cant think of anything.

Maybe a different map

I'm not good at drawings so I fixed it in another way! Here is how it would look like!

Maybe a mountain map with only ball-guns!

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I havent played 0.4.0 or 0.5.0 but when I played 0.5.0 I was shocked over the improvements!!!

WELL DONE!!!   ps: This is my favorite game in the World! :)


Ok!? I dont know that yet!

Yeah but do you think that they should give a weapond?

By attacking with them. :)

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Gravestones can make a weapon by attacking with the gravestone! Maybe...    :)                                                                                              ps:  FUN GAME!!!

Hope it coming soon! very intrested!

A portal Gun! If the shot toutches a wall the player with the gun teleports there, If the shot touches a player they switch places!


Yes I know! I love your work!👍

This is the level that is broken!