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This was a lot of fun for me! Especially since I had a fear growing up a mysterious man in the house (but not in the attic since I never grew up with one). so it was like revising old childhood fears!

I'm a little late in playing this but I loved it! the art style was so cute! Though it was short the character development was done where it didn't matter that it wasn't that long of a game. And to have different endings was amazing! 

This took me BY SURPRISE! XD I f eel so silly because I never read what it was and thought it was just a cute game at first since I like that type of game! but I also Love horror so it worked out haha.

This was a fun game! got jumped scared really good! And I ever missed the flashlight when it was right in front of my face in my game like an idiot XD.

The art style was my favorite part of the game!! But I played it twice to go through the options and figuring out YOU CAN DIE was horrifying! and that woman who invited you in...I was caught off guard!  Oh my gosh! 

I had fun especially after realizing

I PASSED THE SPICES THE WHOLE TIME! XD. How did I miss it?! I have no clue haha. But this was fun! I liked it! ^o^

The ambiance is really nice! It's a short, simple and fun game! I loved the red eyes that appeared in the holes sometimes! That was a really nice touch! because at first I thought I imagined it XD

This game scared me so bad XD. I  felt so silly being scared like that haha. but I am def. interested in the full game! the demo was good enough where I was satisfied, so a full game should be amazing!!

This was a nice break! a simplistic game to relax to! Also I relate to the letter writer XD I to am afraid of snakes haha.

This game was so cute, cozy, and scary! I loved it!!! A very nice simple yet scary game!

I was taken aback by the secret ending XD. I enjoyed playing this since as a girl unfortunately having weird strangers try to get my attention or get me to drink something I never asked for is a thing. so this was like a real life simulator but safe XD.

I am so excited for when this game comes out fully! This demo was so much fun! I love PS1 style horror games, but I may be biased since I grew up with that XD.

This was a fun horror game! I enjoyed it a lot! I smelt like the nice gust of an old greasy gramps XD. Perfect scent for a young lady!

This was a fun game! I thought it was a bit slow at first but then it got really fun! I actually spent like 30 min trying to buy out the whole store since I learned you 100.00 dollars just resets once you hit 100 XD

I HAD A BLAST! It was my very first time playing it so it was pleasantly surprisingly hilarious! A funny horror game is the best type of horror!

THIS GAME WAS TOO CUTE!! Even my baby puppy agreed! it reminds me a lot of a more horror cute farming game!

I had a blast playing this! Poor baby was allergic to apples!