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He is comig for you...

Hello, I have downloaded this game and when I see the menu I feel that I have downloaded the perfect game, the thing is that when I go to options, I adjust the graphics and put them on as much as possible to see how it looked, when I put it on, it stuck. the screen and then went black and I get an error, I have reinstalled it and I still get that error, is there a way to erase the data from the game? just in case I wrote this in the translator, I hope you can read it clearly

I still have doubts why he has a friend's crow

Answer me please, I would really appreciate it

Hola, no e probado el juego aún pero se ve bastante tétrico, y obvio se ve que es un juego que vale la pena jugarlo, a demás me gusta por su estilo por lo que veo en las fotos, solo quería comentar que tal se veía My Beautiful Paper Smile  así de vista.

Sonreíd 8D