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I recommend adding an increased powder upgrade. Each shot would cost X amount of $, mabey 5$ per powder used. The upgrade will probably be cheaper because it increases the powder you use. It would act similar to the power upgrade but make a cost per shot. There should also be a material system. Possibly this could work by having purchasable cannonballs that would affect only one of your multishot balls. Ex. a feather ball to make one lighter, or a flat ball that could be more aerodynamic and bounce more but have more friction.  Thankyou for providing such an amazing game to the community for free!

Game is amazing but skill tree is very broken thb. Mab get that checked out. I unlocked it for 10 minutes and had like 300% profit and my boost was 2-3x stronger.

My game just stopped working and I can't seem to fix it.

I keep getting bugs where tasks say there being done but everyone is doing something else, other than that great tho

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I got stuck in a room in floor 4, I went in and killed slimes. Afterwards the entrance to the room closed. Otherwise great game

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Game is great concept, but there should be more added after resetting than just making more money. The game just takes longer and longer since your money made increase is less than the cost of upgrading it increases from what I can see. I think you should add increased cap to upgrades like aero or new upgrades on reset to balance this out. The game is great but in an idle game you want to feel progressed but it keeps taking longer and longer to increase your money.