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Hi there!

This week without a vlog, I don't make enough big progress in making AI, some modules have to be rebuilt to better work.

As for the concept I need also more time here. Thinking about this minicity builder module and also an additional class of commander.

Also, I gonna take a look at badges and this bug with achievements, so thanks for the info.

That's all, see you later.

In this thread, I will give small info about upcoming updates when I need more time to finish them.

Still working on this magic update (maybe because of the time that cost me, I gonna flag that as a major update?), what is left is AI make to use that and balance, also working on a map where players try to survive animal attacks like in tower defence game.

That's all for now, see you then.

In this thread, I will give small info about upcoming updates when I need more time to finish them.

My current goal is to work on an AI so it can't block itself.

During the test, there are two situations when it's doing this:

1. Trying to buy a resurrection potion;

2. Running around hideouts like crazy.

The first issue seems to be solved but I need to make more tests, for the second one, I think I will need to add new behaviour for example If the army has max xp points, it gonna focus on the enemy player or reach the map goal.

Of course, during this task, I add more stuff for AI to become a better player.

That's all for now, see you then.

Thanks for the tip, for now, I launched an update and I did as much as I could due to lack of time, but for next week i will try to do some with this.

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WOW, Thanks for Info, gonna fix that soon.


I have taken a look and its works for me, take a look if your antivirus doesn't mess up something, I meantime gonna do something to avoid antivirus interference.

Thanks for the comment!

My goal is to reach every milestone each week.

A few times I see that people like the game but the gameplay is confusing, let me know in this thread what is unclear, intuitive or if game help is helpful or not.

Next week, I plan to record a 15min of gameplay and put it on the game's pages.

I'm sorry to say that the campaign looks broken, players can play only with Pride or Wrath nation, I will fix that as fast as possible.

I know, I added a lot of stuff, in short, a new biome, creatures, all creatures have new stats and expanded battlefield by 9 new commands.

Also, the campaign is on the way.

Thanks for the comment, I will add that the 8th sin is Acedia.

Let me know what you want

Ooo, I see, thanks :)

Mateus or Mateusz(PL)?

Nice art, music, but I think main character need more frame for attack animation, I see that slash have few frames but like for me 1 frame of character is unnatural, also after 10th way I started boring, the concept of the dealer is cool

Really good concept of the gameplay and level design, I have nothing to complain about (except that I easily die few times XP)