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Can't stand Gareth, LMAO,best choice.

Wonderfull game,cute kids AND cute dads ><

OH god,cuteness overload.

I was busy for a while,and i can't help but be really happy to have so much new games to play.Anyway thank you,this one was  cute and heartwarming <3

Oh god,this was so sweet,i loved every route.Eric gives me the creeps. 


Finally got some free time,and i can say this is a wonderfull game.Thank you ,see ya soon

This vn is really amazing one.I loved both routes,and i just can't choose one favorite Lol.Anyway thank you for the game,and until next time.

Wonderfull game,and omg,i need this hog for me,It fight for 5 men,LOL

Whoa,thank you for the game,i really liked it.Flint best boi.

this vn looks really good,so i'm loooking foward to it <3

Oh god,i really love all the 3 games of the series,but this one is crazily good.My favorite so far.thank you for the game.I cannot even describe how much i like this game,and i don't even played all the routes yet.

lol,this mc is the better,so manly(lol),i also loved the ??? ending,i didn't expect it.Thank you for the game.

There's any jumpscare here? i don't like those,but i'm really willing to play LOL

Wonderfull game,i didn't expect that in the vampire ending.The art is gorgeous and the writing is super well done.Thank you

well,i'm not a fan of the  "bad end" style.So sadly i'll skip this See ya in the next work <3

i'm sorry to hear that,but i'll be cheering for you.I'm sure you'll pass throught all this problems.See ya soon.

oh i cried a bit...fine,a lot.Thank you for the game,it's really deep and i loved the endings.

oh god,i'm looking foward for the new games.About the sequel i have mixed feeling at all.I mean,i would love one,since the first one was soo sweet.But at same time i don't know what more would have to cover(a pos story maybe?)

oh god,that was so cute,Cethin is just so precious aaah.Also Demon buttker needs a route,he is cool.

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Super cute,zombie puns and funny characters.Thank you for the game.<3

PS;OMG i did just read Liam's extra scene,and that really surprised me.I LOVED IT.

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i toke my time,but i finally got enough courage to play it,and i'm not regreftull,that was so cute.They really make a cute couple.

PS:Samael surelly is ...intense.

oh no,i'm already so excited that i could scream.Anyway thank you LOl

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How much sugar... the way I like it, I loved this game, the two are so cute that I want to keep them in a little pot.They are so charismatic.I just couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Thanks for the amazing game.

PS:I feel a little bad for sabotaging his encounters, but it was for a bigger cause.

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i didn't see it coming,lol.I mean,it took me a while to get who is the mc lol;

anyway,thank you for the game.

I always have been a fan of classical music,so i can just say i loved this game.The romance ending was so cute,and when thought it was missing something,i saw the extra chapter and at least got a bit of ease.The main song(we are legends) is also memorable,i could hear it all day lol.Thank you for the wonderfull game.

That was a great game,i loved the "tug",my favorite so far,thanks for the game.

it's finished or paused?it's been a while the last update and the game looks good,then;Can someone tell me?

Since it's been a while ago the last update,can someone tell me if the game is full,or it's paused?Thank you for your time.

i see,thank you,then i'm looking foward to play it.

I was reading the coments and i didn't see a recent one so,Can you say if this is complete version?

man,this game was so great,i loved the fast thinking and the strong personalityy of Robin.Thank you.

man,i didn't expect a little game like this hold so much meaning.Thank you.

Just ended it again,what can i say? The game already had my maximun rating,and now i want to raise it.You guys made it even better.Xyx route was cute,and the new Cg's are marvelous.Thank you for this update and for the game.

oh man,it's looks it's time to replay it fully Lol.<3