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Nice game, I like the mechanics ! The last level is quite hard, so be patient, but it's really cool !

I really liked the game, but yeah, I was a bit surprised by the statistics. In the Mafia screen, I had only two having just two members left, the others were at 0, and I thought this reduced the risks, but in the end two mafias, which had 0 members killed me. ^^ I suppose there will be future updates with this ?

Nice ! From my experience, the winning strategy consists in making a huge spaghetti mass, and then die in a corner with all the snakes eating themselves.

Thank you for the linux version ! ^^ A pretty funny game I'd say !

Yeah, I know it's too much too ask for a linux version for a game jam. It could be nice if it were possible to upload it after though. But well, I'll test your game when I'll use a Windows later this week.

I tried to play it on Linux but it doesn't seem to work. I've launched the .exe with wine, and it showed me the title screen, but then I'm stuck and I cannot do anything. :/

Unfortunately, there is no Linux version. ;__; And even Wine doesn't seem to be able to run the game.

I really like the atmosphere ! A truly nice game !