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7 months? Honey it's been a year and a half

Did you know he's sick? Probably dead and your here cursing him not even knowing the full story of it all. I understand your disappointment but come on man you don't even know what he's going through 

I sure hope so


Thank you 

Well damn

I g

Umm what's Happening is the gamd working

O.M.G. it isn't real!!

No only on stream

How do you download and play this on android

We don't know..

Oh yh I think I know what your talking about

Enjoy what

Oh yh :/

How do you even find this

Oh that's so sad :(

That's the question we all want an answer for

Can you send me the game lol...

I don't think so

Yh same

Oh ok thank you so much for this info

I just want an update is that too much to ask😭


Oh yh I noticed same with (APTCH) 

What's the name of the ORTHER vns👀

Thank youuuuuu

Ayoooo 💀

That's not funny 😭

Right they really are


..No I don't suppose



its amazing i love 

Yes there friends I think...

Why did it actually scare me when he was talking about the windego....

Happy holidays


I  think you forgot it's, game not really life.....

Oh good to know and thank you can't wait to see it!