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A member registered Sep 17, 2020

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Hello CreativeKind, I purchased this asset some months back but realized it's too big for my game and whenever I scale it down, the symbols look very blurry. It there a way I can get a small size where the symbols won't look blurry



Awesome. Keep up with the good work

Wooow, I'm not trying to hype you or exaggerate, but Cherit you are the best pixel artist I have ever seen. Bought the 4 initial elementals already. Still saving up to purchase metal and this leaf. If I may ask, I know it's to early, is it possible to have a discount or a bundle for the metal and leaf elementals?

This is great. I wish I have the money to buy

Great job Cherit. Awesome as always

Awesome asset. No download button though

Awesome. Keep it up

Itch allows payment by card. All my purchased assets have been by card.

Why don't you add payment with card. PayPal is not supported in my country

Finally. I'm definitely buying the bundle at the end of the month. Thanks for such a wonderful art

I appreciate your replay. I will wait till then. Thanks

Hello Chierit, I know u said once you are done with the 10 element there will be a bundle price for all. But I plan to buy the already available 3 elements now. Is it possible to have a bundle price for the 3 now and then u keep updating the price as you add more elements. Thanks. You have such a wonderful art 

Just purchased. Thanks. Looking forward to purchasing more of your assets.

@ RGS DEV, I try buying this asset yesterday but had issues paying. Now that i can go ahead to buy, the price has changed to $2. Is there any chance the 50% off will be given again.