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I wrote the last comment then immediately realised how easy it was to do exactly what you wanted - so you have light mode & dark mode versions of what you want added now! :)

Thank you! This pushed me to finish the markdown version I had planned on doing for accessibility too. I have uploaded it here: (Also linked above now)

Is that as good? I'm sure there are a million and one markdown to pdf converters out there if you needed that specifically.

Yes they were - thanks for catching that - should be fixed now! 😊

Thats amazing to hear! Glad you liked it 😁


Thanks for downloading - its great to hear you're keen to run it!

Unfortunately im not aware of any tutorials on how to play. However, as this is an OSR style 1 page dungeon, its intentionally vague on a lot of the details, and gives the GM the freedom to inject their own ideas. 

To answer both your questions for example, firstly I interpret the dice numbers in front of the monsters as a suggested number of them that appear when drawn. So d8 means you could roll a d8 and use that number, or just pick "4 appear". 

The door in the courtyards is am obstacle for the players to overcome. There plenty of ways for them to do so, perhaps you decide a key is on the corpse of one of the skeletal monks, or one of the grave robbers found it. Perhaps the players can pick the lock, or break it down, etc. That kind of a thing.

I hope that helps! 

- Olobosk

I have created a combination player-facing rules summary and character sheet. I wanted to title it "Electric Bastionland Milliamp Edition" and add a mock title like this:

However I realise this may be edging pretty close to copyright infringement... I ain't no lawyer is this ok under the rules on the jam?