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this is pretty good

unclear instructions and rapid pace.

A dark maze in style quickly becomes a scene, where you want to hide (from) things (even if its just more maze halls) around corners, outsside ones LineOfSignt. you have 3 lighta, so its basically missing shadows:

is what i was expecting. 3 ways to do it:

0) in a fragment shader, trace path from pixel to each light source, if it is (not) occluded. ( does lots of soft shadow approaches)

1) (for each light source,) each occluding wall has (near) infinite height (at least always reaches behind the camera), and the very high walls s are below the ground and behind the light source. (easy, if camera is above that light source, trickier otherwise). (only makes hard shadows)

3) simpler geometry: (for ai awareness), measure multiple triangle slice borders for occludes.

very good cascades, my favorite of 22 browser playables of this jam.

nice but a bit hard

the intro cannot be skipped, and i just want to skip it, as it violates "show dont tell"s

i would not call pool a chainReaction game, but that is just me

wheres my tripple shot?

needs drag and drop ui

on 2nd play, the first block failed to tip over the second block.

good mood

nah, not even 2d culling

looks like bricks, wiggles like jello, dissonant.

very nice, cute, short

nice, easy, gets stale repetitive fast

suoprisingly high emergent gameplay from chain explosions.

a dodge roll would add a lot here.

solid start, good music. leveldesign issues are: too silly zigzagging (showoff), too high initial difficulty.

This is fine. It failed to be a game due to getting a cold, among other reasons already mentioned.

i failed to figure out how to direct reference to other submission