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Seth B.

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Sounds good!  I wouldn't necessarily endorse launch4j (especially considering how simple the libgdx packr seems to be).  It was a bear to get setup right but once it was and I had my Ant script properly configured I found it to be very easy to maintain and update, FWIW.

My 9yo son discovered MewnBase through watching let's plays on YouTube and boy does he love it! He has all kinds of ideas for new features ;-)

Seth B.

I just went in and tried to launch the jar file manually (java -jar game/desktop-1.0.jar) and the game fired right up just fine. So this seems to just be a problem with the windows exe packaging.  The included JRE does not jive for some reason.

It all depends on which system you are using to generate your windows executable. I’ve used launch4j in the past and was able to generate OSX dmgs and windows executables from that with all of the native binaries, class files, and dependent jar files properly packaged in but it took a LOT of work  to get it all configured right and that part always felt rather delicate.

Seth B.

I’m getting a crash when installed and launched from the desktop app.  Execution log is below.  Seems to be related to the JRE for some reason.  It looks to me like the JRE is included with the game but just in case I updated to the latest install of Java (did not help).

Running on Windows 10, AMD Radeon R5 2.9ghz, 12GB RAM, embedded gfx

Here is the execution log generated by the program: