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Thank you so much for including us!! We're so happy people enjoyed our game.

Thanks! This is awesome!!

Ii figured out the issue and fortunately it had nothing to do with your game!! Thanks for getting back to me :)

The game is really cute!! It keeps crashing on me though, not sure what the issue is :/

It's so silly, I love it!! Cupcakes are the best <3

Cute game! I love being a snail!

I love it! I like the way the story unfolded.

Super cute, I love the faces the cats make pushing the cups off the table!

Adorable! The sound design is great.

Very sweet, made me feel happy I played! <3

This is super cute and fun! I became addicted quickly :)

Thank you so much!! I'll check it out :)

Thank you so much!! That was my favorite good too c:

Me too!!

This is RAD! I love the approach you took to navigation. It feels like you used the capabilities of Bitsy really well.

Beautiful game, thanks for making it!

Love the concept! I dug all the little details in the town. Also "space bucks" is the best thing c:

Such  a cool game! I loved the narrative and palettes.

Gorgeous! Also the ending made me very sad, which I imagine was the intention.

This was really moving, thanks so much for making this!

This was hilarious! I loved the moth that disguises itself as a cat and the fact that you escape through the bathroom.

I love cryptids! This was a brilliant idea. The color scheme is rad too.

Thanks for this! I'll go look outside tonight :)

thanks so much!! c: