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I played Valheim about an hour and this game is fantastic!
Yes, it is an Alpha and there are many things that must be implemented, but the game really has potential!

The building menu (opened with the hammer) needs a complete rework (bad usability, not easy to handle).
Show a larger window with multiple rows of icons that can be controlled with the mouse.
You can (should) keep the tabs in this window.

It is not easy to build walls on top of walls (even placing wall roofs on the edges is really hard). You need a larger "snap area" where the elements easily snap together (easier building).
It should be possible to look up to add a second row of walls. 

Some more ways to fill up my health would be helpful (especially at the beginning).  
Maybe you add fishing, this would be an excellent  way to get food for beginners (right after the start). If cause players have co craft a fishing rod and collect some worms.
It also would be good to be able to collect berries that can be eaten.

Please add an auto-heal (slow healing like 2 minutes in real time until the health bar is full again).
I have no bed yet but please allow sleeping and fill up the health while sleeping.

The inventory and the quick access bar (accessible with the keys 1, 2, and so on) should be separated.

In my inventory I saw that there are multiple piles of items that are not full, so a button "Stack items" that stacks all piles of the same item would be useful. I had for example 4 stacks of wood with 3, 12, 6 and 4 wood (could be stacked to 2 piles).

Most important: add some basic tutorials , they would be excellent for beginners.

Do you plan to add spells?

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I know that your game is in a very early stage (you wrote "pre-alpha" in an other posting).
This is the reason why I post my feedback because I really love to help improving the game.

About movement:
Please allow using the joystick on the touch controllers (that is used for teleporting) for short steps backwards, forwards and sidewards.
Then I can quickly retreat and also evade.

Next you should post the version number and the compile date at this website (near the download link).
Reason: I want to see if there are updates and I don't want to install the app (don't like to have too many game clients installed).

And I really hope you implement spells, a dungeon-crawler should have mages in my opinion.
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This game is nice and will definitely be something that I will buy on Steam.
Excellent work!

How can I change orientation while teleporting (Oculus Rift CV1 with touch controllers)?
I can teleport but not select in which direction I am looking.

In the video I saw that there is a quick way to move back.
And also a way to move to the side (side step).
How is this possible?
Note: due to restricted place in my office I can only use standing experience and just do one step to the left and to the right (maybe you should consider this).

I also suggest that you add spells like:

  • Fireball
  • Freeze enemies
  • Charm enemies (they fight on your side for a short time)
  • Summon creatures (that fight on your side)
  • Magical Shield

Would love to play as a mage.

Next you should consider allowing to shoot through the iron bars (in RL this would be possible).