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It was a good game to teach students that safety comes before studying.

한줄평: 생각보다 지루하다

Everything was perfect except for the demo.

한줄평:데모는 데모인 이유가 있는겁니다.

It was fun adding humor to horror game. I could feel fear despite the bad graphics.

한줄평: 방송용으로 최고의 게임

It was hard for me because it was a game of chance.

한줄평: 운빨좆망겜

Fear that I don't know and the funny looking killer are impressive games.
I am not good at playing horror games, but I played with fun.

한줄평: 기억나는 건 숨소리와 살인마의 귀여움

It was a fun play.

It's good to laugh at the audience using the physical engine.

한줄평: 물리엔진이 웃겨주는 게임