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Thank you! Glad you liked it. There's a rumour floating around that someone chased over 200 likes. That can't be true, can it?

Thanks! Hahaha we definitely recommend not bringing your phone up at all when driving!

Thanks a ton! We're glad your rule ended well haha

Hahaha thanks for the encouragement! I'm flattered you played my game.

Thank you so much!

Whoa! Thanks for streaming it. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! Could you believe that I did the uneven lines because I thought it would be quicker?

Beyond the huge amount of content and big story, there are so many great details that show the effort put in. The heads following the cursor, how the photographer follows the player but not too closely, they seem minor but go a long way in immersing the player. I'm so impressed all this got done in 2 weeks!

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

The world is fantastic and the setting is gorgeous. I'm curious how much you've been thinking about it in between jams to maintain continuity. The "party" characters are all very interesting. Awesome!

Tastefully done hahaha! The jokes were great.

The limited colour palette really made the atmosphere work. The story was great!

This was awesome! The sheer number of scenes and their level of detail is incredible. I really likes how the whole situation changed once the lights went out.

Very funny! I liked so many of the puzzles.

Great looking game. A tremendous amount of interactions make the world very immersive. Solid story too!

Lovely fully-realised package. Great art style and colours, complete puzzles, voice acting. You nailed it!

I really liked the facial expression puzzle. And wow, those animations are gorgeous!

Lovely presentation of the world and the characters!

Yep, obviously liked it!

Just amazing! What a world you have taken us to haha

Lovely presentation. I like the foreign language being translated real time and the irony of UFO people!

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Thanks! Yeah, I knew going in that I couldn't put in too much time. So I had to settle for a tiny scope and I actually cut a further third off  it hahaha

Thank you, I'm glad we feel the same way about Joshbob hahaha

The game's locations look stunning, like breath-taking. I loved the hat puzzle, that's my type of fashion hahaha

Thanks! I'm glad there was enough sign-posting to make it all make sense.

Thanks! I'm glad the timing worked out hahaha

Hahaha no worries. I got through on a second playthrough. Great concept!

Awesome amount of scenes. Great way to capture the spirit of places.

Great game! I loved the little touches like the sun setting. The joke rewriting is a fun puzzle.

Looking good so far. The art and voice over is impressive.

I have a possible bug: I filled the jug with water before I knew about trading with the fish vendor. I then used it on the old man's garden and it's gone. I cannot offer it to the fish vendor to learn about the immaterial things anymore.

Thanks Marco!

Thanks Marco! Did you participate this year?

Thanks for playing out game. I'm glad you liked it. I'm surprised about the lag, what kind of device are you running it on?

Getting through the jam submissions late, and this was quite the treat. Way to keep it all together while packing it full of jokes and fun!

Solid puzzles when it comes to screwing others over to get your way hahaha. Nice twist at the end.

Really simple mechanic to follow. And it works so well with the atmosphere. Was great!

Really simple mechanic to follow. And it works so well with the atmosphere. Was great!

Thanks a ton for playing our game! No worries about not finishing it on stream, it was just good to see you all have a good time playing it.

Looks quite promising. I'd be happy to look at your puzzle dependency diagram if you want some feedback. I've also mapped out a few games to see how they worked so if you're interested in comparing, I'm happy to share.

It's a great first try! I didn't find any bugs, only bits that were unfinished like examine descriptions that were missing or when an item is used against something that doesn't work, there was no feedback. These were all trivial but take time.