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Thanks, Really enjoyed playing it. You did a great job. Nice to see a web based GM game as well. Keep up the amazing work. 

Hi, nothing happens when I press space : (

This looks great! I recently purchase one of your other assets, works perfectly! Does this also work in 2.3? Thanks so much!


Really once a month? That is great news!!!!!

Thank you, I buy the asset now, looks really fantastic. Thanks KeeVee xx

This looks great, do you know if she works in 2.3? Thanks KeeVee!!! xxx

Also interested to hear if it works with HTML5, if yes then I buy right now!!!

No, you can use any engine, Unity, Godot etc to make the game, they mention this in the FAQs: 

What languages or engines are allowed?

A Anything is allowed

Good luck ssjcoderonYT


Looks great! Any chance of a video to see it in action?

Hello, great tool, can I use character in my game?

Yes, on the page it does detail that it is only available for PC (denoted by the windows symbol). You could always try this:

Yes, I made a new post with instructions and screenshots, thanks for the amazing software. Also just purchased one of the Giveaways & Private content!! Very exciting!

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Amazing tool, just purchased the full version.

If you are looking to get it running on the Mac it's pretty simple.

You need to install some free software called 'Wine'

Then once installed select JuiceFX.exe > Open with > Wine Stable. Simples!

Hi, I can confirm that it works on Mac (10.13) using Wine, the fan starts going wild and the computer burns like the demon fires of hell, but it works so that's the main thing. 

Wow, yes Mac support would be great. The second it is available I will be buying it!

Ah yes, I fully understand! Once again, thanks for an amazing product! x

Such a great, super fast, wunderbar tool!! Is it possible you will make it work for Mac?

Thanks for all your work!!!

So so excited for this feature!!!!! I'll be able to plug in my midi keyboard right? Really love Tic-80, such a pleasure to code with.  Nesbox, you are amazing!