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i don't think i'll ever post that game haha. i did it when i was like 9 and it's a crappy VN... yeah... lots of glitches bugs yatta yatta yatta... so yep. and therte weren't even options to choose anything. it was just like "READ IT AND GO AWAY" hah... i'm stupid lol

Okay! But still, this game is amazing for your first one... my first game was bad af lol

Hello! downloaded, played, and this is... a comment lol. But i would like the ATTACK key to be like A or something like that because SHIFT for me is uncomfortable to attack with. and the rest is amazing. good job!

Just installed, looks like minecraft, i think it'll be cool though :p

The game is really well made but we need some titty fuck and i think there is no pussy fuck but i may be wrong ;3