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Yo, thanks, bro!

Welcome to the abyss, there is only yourself and chaos. And also you and another you. <3

The music and sounds were very fitting for the theme. I actually was about to exit the game after almost thought of exploring everything, but last second decided to check another part of the area, and boom, there it was the monster. Good cinematic there. Not many would tackle the rpg genre for this, but glad you did.

It´s an interesting concept, was surprisingly enjoyable. It was simple yet could be addictive. I thought that depending on the dice it changed the powers or weapons the main character could get and the different enemies. Tested the 1.1 version. 

I loved the concept!! Really fitting of the theme and with all the music. Very good. 

It was very fun, and really liked your dice mechanic in here. I would go for a full game with this idea if i were you. Lots of potential here.

Cool and very nice art, unfortunally it had lots of bugs and was a lot more vague than i expected when playing it. Don't know if there really were sounds or was just my pc, but i couldnt hear a thing. Still the concept of being chased by a monster was cool. Would really like to see how it would go with the dice roll mechanic.

Dont worry, that was all of the game. After beating the snake, it's over, we didnt get time to put an end screen. But yeah, thanks you for playing! Really happy you enjoyed it.

(X-Files sounds in the background)

glad i was not the only one screaming in excitement when i first saw the dice following me like a lost puppy

Thanks you! I still feel surreal of how much was done in so little time. The die does that for you XD. Hope you enjoyed it. Give all the feedback you can, it's appreciated.

Thanks you very much!!

Really appreciate it! Yeah, the animation went a little weird cus of my animation sheet and that the concept was using a broken sword. We'll take everything into account if we keep working on this one. The dice mechanic has still so much potential to us.

Thanks! we worked in this one very hard. Hope lots of people enjoyed it.

thanks you! i know right!? we were not the only ones who thought of snakes XD. Also yeah, the die mechanic was very fun to play with.

The art is awesome, and the atmosphere was good. Unfortunally, got real tired of the intro repeating itself. And i died like... a lot. XD It was a curious experience.

Alright, this is one i enjoyed it a lot. We went full joker on this!

Thanks you!! We really appreciate it!!!

need moar