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A member registered Oct 25, 2017

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Coles-MacBook-Pro:~ colesampson$ ./LastManStanding64.app
-bash: ./LastManStanding64.app: No such file or directory

Coles-MacBook-Pro:~ colesampson$ open ./LastManStanding64.app
The file /Users/colesampson/LastManStanding64.app does not exist.

Coles-MacBook-Pro:~ colesampson$ open LastManStanding64.app
The file /Users/colesampson/LastManStanding64.app does not exist.

Coles-MacBook-Pro:~ colesampson$ LastManStanding64.app
-bash: LastManStanding64.app: command not found

Thanks for your help with all of this. I tried all 4 and these were the results.

I tried that, I keep getting "No such file or directory". I verified that the app name is still the same, and opened up the contents to make sure that directory existed, but I couldn't get it to go. I tried opening that file directly, but got a few lines and then "process completed" without any other information. I have it in my applications folder if that changes anything.

We're both on mac, Sierra/High Sierra

So my wife and I finally got the game to connect thanks to mason1920's suggestion of using the internal IP instead of external, but every time one of us joins, the game tells the host they've won with the most kills being 0. Any ideas?