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Thank you! We will keep working on it ;)

We are definitely considering endless mode, but i feel like the loans will be hard to balance since they cant be linear (x+2000 for example), they have to take into account the exponential expansion that happens especially in the early part of the game. 

Thanks, we will experiment with it some more, maybe add a way to choose how fastpaced  you want it to be. :)


Thank you, any suggestions on getting rid of the slow paced start (especially on repeated playthroughs)?


Thanks for the feedback, since the day/night cycle is fixed, i could probably add music that gets more intense as the game goes on without having weird fades or music cutting off.on the you win, im considering adding an endless mode (with no loan repayments), on that note: were the loans you had to repay a important point to how you developed your farm? im trying to figure out how key the loan system is to the game, and if it would be better to just have and ever increasing field with no win (or loose) condition, apart from all your plants rotting.

Thanks you very much for the feedback.