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Thank you very much, so glad you like it

awesome art

very nice game 

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i'm sorry mr falsemagpie i don't know how to fix it, because this also happens when i apply the default theme

i apologize for the inconvenience, can you explain futher or include a screenshot, so i can fix it, thank you in advance, and thank you for using choco theme
hello mr florian please check your email i sent you a message

thank you very much mr Swngyill YOON

hello mr diablo luna, can i use it for commercial project?. Thank you in advance

can i use it for commercial project? . Thank you in advance

Thank you Mr. Florian Stracker. the game itself is still in progress, now I am working on a boss battle. I would be very happy if you play it later when it's finished.

and I will put your name in the credits scene. thank you very much

hello mr florian stracker. can you include the license.txt in the download package, and how can i tell the player that this good music is made by you in my game, sorry if something is wrong with my english, i use google translate, because i can't speak English well. Thank you in advance

Of course I would be very happy if you play it later when it's finished, I hope I can finish it as soon as possible. and sorry if there is something wrong with my english. I use Google Translate, because I can't speak English very well, again thank you very much

can i use this music in a commercial game, the game itself is still in progress, thank you in advance

Ikon Diverifikasi Komunitas

Thank you very much, I'm so glad you like it
will pixelorama have a script like the aseprite Lua script API ?, it might be nice to use gdscript