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I really dig the simplicity of this system being a dice chain from d6 -d12. Having each roll be either a failure, setback (which I take to mean a small success w/repercussions) or outright success while  skills have you make those rolls with advantage is streamlined bliss. I’d really like to try this out with my nieces and see what they think. 

I really dig the game, but am confused on how target numbers should be used. Do enemies just have to match the target number to hit, or do they need to roll equal or higher to the TN like in traditional dnd?

There are some really great generators out there with many options for making unique npcs, and while I will still get use out of those, this one makes a worthy edition to my collection. What makes this so great is, unlike other generators, it has a bit more direction on how to play these npcs. The one sentence goals, the nicknames, it helps form the character. Having a 1 time per session ability (like doing max damage in combat or easily passing a strength check) will be something that gets the players attention quick, and is an easy way for them to bond with the new npc. 

I bought this over at drivethru, but I came here because I wanted to say how charming this compact little game is! I've read over it a few times now, and I really would like to play it with my nieces. It has more complexity than something like Maze Rats, but enough mechanical depth to have what seems like a few months of campaign. Really digging it. 

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This is a pretty interesting piece, I like that starting classes have simple abilities that reinforce their roles in combat/ the world around them. I assume this is an incomplete ruleset in the same way that the G.L.O.G is, which would explain the lack of spell lists. I can see this pairing especially well with Maze Rats random tables, like a perfect fit actually. 

A jam with this game would be interesting I think.