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Same happens to me!

level switching reminds me of those scary labirynth games lol, i couldnt get further then level with 2 cubes. Game isnt bad, physics is good

Works just fine now, thanks!

like this, confetti going endlessly

Reached the end of first level and game lagged, tried to restart, simply cant go to 2nd level

I fell down before mushroom and didnt die lol, how do  i reset?

Mouse doesnt disappear for me, makes it hard to look around. Mechanic is nice, would be good to add run option though

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This is such a great and hard game. I didnt get to the end, area with lasers is too hard for a rookie gamer hah. Awesome mechanic and idea!

Update: 1h 55 mins, hearts 20/20, deaths 156, no trophies tho 

Nice game! First try 80 deathts, 10:31

Nice little one 

Visuals are amazing, movement so smooth, Really great climatic game

Loved it, all coins both gameplays. Would love to see more games like yours

Awesome game, found a cat and a duck and then deleted system. Great job!!!!

Tell Bob to f off, i can't get past him. Very solid first game

This game is simply amazing in every aspect. Great job!!!

Screen scrolling is bad, other then that game is really really good

That game is so hard

I liked the game, mostly beacuse every level had something different. I feel like you had a lot of fun making it. Game itself is very easy, getting to know ememies mechanic makes it interesting.

I honestly loved it, think it works quite smooth :)

Im stuck, got double jump power up and now have 3 doors (red behind the wall, blue - i cant jump so far). What do i do now, game is really great and i need to know the ending    ^^

Movement is too fast, its very hard to play

Funny one! Gj

Awesome one, great music

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Took me almost 2,5 hour to pass it with little breaks. Great metroidvania, just like this genre should be. Not too easy but not too hard, only thing i didnt manage to get is powerup in the green area where i already have extra jump on square and that dots that fills shift dash. If you could reply how to get it? (upper right area, below the room with walking enemy-just noticed you even have ss on this room in pictures next to the game, power up is below 2nd picture)

Thanks, got to the crashed end lmao, nice story game

Agree, have no idea either how to finish the game

In second level when jumping into pit i didnt die, had to restart game :)

Game is crushing after beating add oil level. Its very nice tho, mechanic is fluent

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there are secret strawberries, in a different looking like wall, need to dash into it to discover. In the first room there one e.g.

Loved it, would def play longer version!

Great game, really awesome concept and i feel like i could spend a good hour playing it. Those keys though.... Jumping with down arrow scrolls my screen down lol

Awesome game, 22 minutes all crystals. Last level was hard but no too hard. Great job!

Guess im stuck with my gf forever, talking to mr Moustache killed me :(

Besides great game and conept, really liked it

177 deaths, 21 mins. Frustrating but nice


not sure if intended but when you jump on the wall and very same time you hit that wall click jump again you get extra jump