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No problem

Ah okay, thank you.

This is a really good game. Good art and everything. But I have two complaints: the acceleration was a bit too slow. It took way too long to slow down when falling. Also the ship was too fragile. You should be able to land a bit faster. But otherwise great. I followed to see the Mars game when it comes out:)

This is a pretty cool game but a bit frustrating. You should have a way to restart because if you want to get it perfect you have to wait through the whole song if you do a mistake and want to try again.

Umm I don't really understand the endings, can you explain them?

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Thank you so much. The kangaroos were supposed to get faster as you get more points but I noticed after I submitted that it didn’t work and they were always at the same speed. Well done though.

No problem

Everything about this game is really good but there is a gamebreaking bug in it. If you break a node rock and die before you can collect the node, it disappears which makes it impossible to get to the end because you need 15 nodes.