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i like these !

Really cool!

i did and i did get there eventually! it was fun :)

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the rng on food is really annoying. theres just nothing you can do you just die from starvation. while the rest of the game is pretty fun. there should be a strategic choice that you can make

hm. first level was fun, but logical thinking does it. later levels its just luck? so not so fun

really like this but it resets after a couple of rounds?

Really really amazing art. Out of everything I've seen so far on Itchio actually simply my favourite. The characters all look extremely attractive also, so as a dating sim it works. The music is not distracting and appropriate. But I couldn't get much further than a call from Doctor Imani because then the game got stuck. I was just staring at an empty new interface. I had the same happen on the 'knock knock knock' at the door, but after a while it worked. I tried to save and then load but when I got back to main menu as a new tactic the load button was greyed out. I say all this because it's a demo and maybe this is helpful to the developers. The other thing I thought was a bit rough was the writing, such as the decision to tell the thing through a news caster setup and then later have Farah tell the story again. And the story of going to prison, hibernation, the trial - was confusing. Not quite clear whether hibernation leaves you conscious or not (i.e. apparently farah can't tell whether her prosthetics got serviced, but she does remember staring into Sam's eyes for two years).

Is it normal to treat humans like this in prison?? nothing else indicates dystopia OR a poor treatment of s.humans specifically (them gaining disability checks and being able to access doctors without any problem), but putting people into a paralysed state while still awake or putting them into 2 years of near solitary confinement is a literal (!) crime against humanity and a major psychological event. Farah does not come across as though she has just spent two years of her life trapped in her own unmoving body.

The pic and text in the hospital imply that Farah only has leg prosthetics, but more general exposition on s.humans speaks of some kind of organ grown vat-baby improved tissue cyborg/robot. This seems very different.

I would love to play more but ..I can't. Really intrigued though.

I'd really like to play and i've clicked the letters in the order of 'no night' but that doesnt work. they also dont switch places when i drag them. how do i play?

This has a certain atmosphere that's great. Really liked playing!

Cool game idea! Pretty fun!

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This is a really fun game! i think the mechanics are really addictive. I only never managed to get a point boost to strength though. Don't know what happened there.

This is great!

very cool!!

I liked it!

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CAN I JUST SAY. I laughed SO MUCH! AND god they're all hilarious and adorable and the art was beautiful?? and WOW! what incredible dialogue? and all the effects ? were super well done? and just their FACES. THE MUSIC CHOICES GOD THE RECORDER GODDDDD. and i even (re)learned some stuff about baseball. I WOULD LOVE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO EVERYBODY, but it's also such a beautiful whole story. AGH WOW I LOVED IT!!!!!