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Game's fun.
I'm making a OST playlist.

Being in the lab of games lead to this~, You're welcome, creator!

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 I found a random bug. Check this out! Could lead into some mind games and baits, or even a delay version for Toaster?

Also, the combo ended with Dhalia having  at least 1 bar of meter, meaning that I could RC it.

118.1 clear! GOT IT!

The game is a bit too simple for many, especially a real fighting game player. There's quite a lot to fix on.

No, no, it's alright.  Thank you, mister!

Nice. This game is pretty neat with its mechanics! Here's an 851 combo. Shatter 2B, 6B, 214L+M 9(J) J.5MHHHHH JC J.5MHB J.214H, Land, 236H+B. Pretty effective, and the fact that the enemy has to do a comeback from 1.5 bars of meter is a bit too strong. I want to know the rest of the mechanics, so mister creator, can you tell me?

---Casual fighting game player, Okizeme

very sad.

Is the game still being worked on?

I also wished that wall pin effects were universal, giving every char a brand new combo tool.

I've played Ganbatte. I'm V E R Y confused about why the two last chars in the arcade mode are playable. My basic Akuma combo is 5HK, 2LP, 214HK. Pretty basic but works. Interesting to see that there'll be more chars.

wow fun

Just saw the game and thought it was interesting. I need more fighting games n o w.

hrm, i'm not that much of an expert on computers all i can i say is that I set quality quite low and I waste space on games

it's work in progress

Made a vid. 

nvm lol

why isn't guard break working on keyboard control

there's only 1 reason i'm getting this game.

2 player local on keyboard. And also...pretty much a non-online mode.

Please add Local mode!

I wish everybody had universal air dashes... Also, here's bug I found.

This is due to the events of a time over.

The game's pretty fun! I have ideas for more secret chars, HUD, etc.
Let's start with HUD.
Name 1                           Name 2
HP 1                               HP 2
Team 1                       Team 2

Hit counter 1                Hit counter 2

Meter 1                  Meter 2

The hit counters get larger as your combo get's better. It also shows the damage of the combo, say you did a 30 damage combo. You may wanna add proper damage scaling too, just in case combos go overboard. Also, a stun bar as well. I would also like character guides, too because people who just start the game have no idea what to do. Help them pick up a team! I also want a 1v1 mode with proper rounds. That would be fun, thanks for reading Mr. Harbour!

Sir, can you add a real announcer voice actor for Dr. V? The noise just makes me close the game out of fear.

I also want air to air combos to make rejumps easier. (AKA- allow the enemy to go down more during the air combo)

No problem!

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It's quality stuffs. 

So that's the V***ina dude? The audio is painful to hear-


I found a bug in a other game too on the same day~

Also I got a random char that's profile was pure black with corrupted noise...Is this a bug?

Controls for keybord? ;-;

Indeed. I can turn this off atleast, so good greif.


So this was done by having the other player touch their hurtbox while jumping and well- FLY MODE ACTIVATED!

Get ready for the madness.

So I thought you could have only 8 players onscreen?

Also i'm confused about grabs. Is it directed just behind you? If yes then, please update then to be aimed in where you want to throw them.

Energy dashes too. More damage incoming!

Also, different types of...charaters?

Like one styled like Sol Badguy or something?