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How do I change the scaling of the interface

Okay that final dialogue line is hilarious

I wish this could have gotten more developed, after all, the base ideas are great, just needs some improvement in both some mechanics and clarity of the interface. (I do like how several references got thrown in, though + if development gets un-cancelled somehow, maybe an indicator or two of which character combos get what bonuses would be useful (i.e. Shining Comet and Shrine Maiden get the Affection boost when in the same team) (at least it helps to know fandom stuff in the first place that explains it, i.e. MiComet)

Level 57 was some major Pain Peko stuff
(time: 12:14.9)

(your comment helped me realize my comment had a small mistake in it, thanks!)

(1 edit)

Small tip for other players that I've noticed: You get a lot of horizontal momentum from GWAKs (Kronii Boosts) if your momentum upon getting the Kronii Boost is mostly vertical

(edit: made a small mistake, edited it)

I kinda find it funny that in this game, the catchphrase you used for Mumei is "I forgot"

(Also I noticed how the optional price for the game is 1.16 USD, nice little hidden reference there)

Suggestion: Add an achievement that, at a certain altitude (think 169.7 m) gives a head accessory of a replica spiral limiter
Achievement name: Eternal
Description: Said hello to a beeg friend
(just an idea I had)

A few comments from someone mid-way through the game (I think?)

Rune walking noises being squeaky toy noises is cute and funny