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Hiyo! I wanted to suggest a title if you wanted to make an English translation. While I know that the name does mean 'Fatal Costumes' in English, I was thinking that some people might not take it seriously with that name. I was thinking that, if you did happen to make an English translation, then the title could instead be: 'Fatal Visage'. I'm sorry if this comes across as rude in any way.

Well, I very much enjoy the gameplay style. It's fast-paced, simple with a touch of complexity, and very smooth. Also, Cristiano's B-Side... WHOO! Give me a moment to fan myself off. Seriously though, the animation is very well done and there's very few bugs; impressive for an Open Beta! I do have a few nitpicks with the mechanics though. The Specials system is a little buggy, as in it won't work unless the movements are done extremely quickly with milisecond intervals, and Lucy's 'Down, Down, TRAF' special doesn't activate: it just consumes the bar and makes Lucy walk forward until you press an attack key. I also feel as though the combo system should charge up the bar rather than take away from it. My only other thought would be a block/dodge key. Also, Cristiano and Cristiano B-Side's 'Air Up+TRAF' will sometimes not work, or cancel itself out in the middle of using it.