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I feel like many of the 236 and 214 attacks could be transferred to simple Neutrals. Perhaps converting the movesets to a more traditional ABCD arcade-style mapping system would work better? Primarily, this game has a lot of potential. Fix a few sprites here and there, work on a more custom HUD, perhaps a tutorial. With a bit more work, this game could easily be transferred from a MUGEN fighter to a completely original programming.

An example of what I meant by transferring the Neutrals and Specials would be Hideki. For example, all of his punches converted to A attacks, kicks to B, knife attacks to C, and warp attacks to the D button. As such, he'd have a few more warps, a heavier mix-up game, and the potential to become a slightly technical character. However, attacks like Carnage Onslaught (That's the anime-fighter attack name I gave to his 236X/Y/Z) would remain a Special, although mapped to the C button, his Ripper: Hori (214Y) and Ripper: Vert (214X) would be his 214/236D. And, his Manslaughter (214Z) would just be his normal backward throw. He could have a simple anti-air in which he slashes above himself in an arc, and so on and so forth. Along with that, his dash kicks would be simple 236B's (Forward kick would be 236B and upward kick would be j236B), with his followup flip kicks being 214B's (Frontflip is 214B, backflip is j214B). However, these are just a few ideas.

The next move after reworking the basic movesets would be replacing the sprites with original ones, not from the Melty Blood series. I'm assuming that Juanimo, Nami, Nishi, Utada, Toriyama, Remy Jacuzzi, and Nana Cat are original. If that's the case, then they're very well done already. This could also lead to some more original characters, each with different methods of murder. Hideki is a knife wielder, Sara has claws, Mara has a sword, Asuka has ice magic, Nishi has fire magic, Juantomino is extremely powerful, Remy has the capability to lock onto weak points, Nana Cat has memes, Nami can shapeshift, Utada is a bear, it works. However, Toriyama and Juantomino and Nishi all have similar methods of murder; so Toriyama could be given a different weapon. Perhaps a sword for his C attacks. You could even add a few more characters. A dual wielder, a spear, a gunner, a whip, so on and so forth.

In short, you seem to have limited yourselves to minimal capability per button rather than venturing into more traditional and fun territories with the simple numpad notations. My recommendation would be to step outside the box and not restrict yourselves to MUGEN's rather conservative layout.

Lastly, I know this is a bit of a big request, but I'd be glad to assist you with the development of ARCADE DREAMS: Blodbath in future if that would be okay. I actually came up with a few ideas as for expanding the movesets of some characters.

Sincerely, your fellow developer, Okeirany.

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Hiyo! I wanted to suggest a title if you wanted to make an English translation. While I know that the name does mean 'Fatal Costumes' in English, I was thinking that some people might not take it seriously with that name. I was thinking that, if you did happen to make an English translation, then the title could instead be: 'Fatal Visage'. I'm sorry if this comes across as rude in any way.

Well, I very much enjoy the gameplay style. It's fast-paced, simple with a touch of complexity, and very smooth. Also, Cristiano's B-Side... WHOO! Give me a moment to fan myself off. Seriously though, the animation is very well done and there's very few bugs; impressive for an Open Beta! I do have a few nitpicks with the mechanics though. The Specials system is a little buggy, as in it won't work unless the movements are done extremely quickly with milisecond intervals, and Lucy's 'Down, Down, TRAF' special doesn't activate: it just consumes the bar and makes Lucy walk forward until you press an attack key. I also feel as though the combo system should charge up the bar rather than take away from it. My only other thought would be a block/dodge key. Also, Cristiano and Cristiano B-Side's 'Air Up+TRAF' will sometimes not work, or cancel itself out in the middle of using it.