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Loved the game. Thanks for making it.

Thanks for making it!

Thank you for making the game. 

Super funny game. Thanks for making it.

Thanks! Now I have a fear of owls!

But for real, I loved this game. And had a blast playing it.

Another great game. Loved playing it.

Spring Rabbit, knocking another one out of the park! Keep up the great work.

I have become Liam.

Creepy game. Had fun playing it.

I think I got the wrong Hogwarts Legacy. But I am not disappointed! funny game, loved playing it.

Awesome game. It was fun and sweet and I just loved everything about it. And the music was so good. I just had to take a moment just to listen to it.

Can't wait for part 3!

I have been a fan of the Fool's Gold campaign since episode one. The animation, the voice acting, the story, all of it was amazing. And thoughout the years, all those things only got better. So when I heard you guys were making a game about it, I knew I had to play it.

My girlfriend and I had a blast playing this game. And it really made our Valentine's day better. She isn't as big of a fan as I am, but she loves the characters.

I dont know if posting my video here is inappropriate or not, but we wanted to show Cryodon Game how much fun we had. If you guys don't want the video in the comments here I will freely remove it.

Thank you guys for making such a great game!

This game may have traumatized me. Thank you for making it!

Beautiful game. Thank you for making it.

He's a very bad boy, in a very good game. Had a blast playing it!

Grey deserved better.

What an amazing game, with an amazing story. Loved every second of it. Thanks for making it.

Amazing job! I had chills from the moment I started the game.

Cute and funny game.

Ok, That was creepy. I Loved it!

This took a turn for the weird, and I love it!

Awesome game! Did not see that ending coming.

Terrifying game! Love every second of it. Thank you for making it.

Fun game.

Haven't won yet but I'm Gonna keep trying!

Loved everything about this game. I even went back and played it a few more times to see if I missed anything. Amazing job! Can't wait to see more from you.

Awesome Game! Short sweet and to the point. 

Understandable. You did leave a pretty big hint by having a cultists run in right before you reach the door lol.

I just wanted to be a good mother! Awesome game! It was very creepy. If I had one critique *spoiler* lower the knocking to three. After trying the same thing three times in a row and nothing happening, I think most people wouldn't try it again.

Awesome game. had a blast playing it!
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Jack Frost was nipping on my bones! Awesome game had me creeped out frome start to finish.

Super funny game. Had a blast playing it

Awesome game! Had an amazing time playing it.

She's behind me isn't she?

Did I win?

Amazing game, as always, Spring Rabbit!

There was nothing there...

Awesome game, had fun playing it!

Another amazing game by Spring Rabbit! They keep putting out awesome horror games.