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I tried to do a fangame on GM2 2 years ago, it was definitely possible despite the lack of support for 3D, though it was A LOT of work to make it look good.. like this! congratulations, you should be selling this game on Steam!

if you want take a look of my abandoned (but still a novel idea!) Touhou game

doesn't work on Wine :(

As I said in the other site, this game looks very interesting, is there a possibility of a Linux build? thanks.

Can we have a Linux build please?

This game is hard but excellent, it is addictive, fun, the combo system is very well done, the kick system too, makes the game not only smash buttons but see around to solve some kinda puzzles...

I play it on Arch Linux, so far it is my favorite action game of the bundle; congrats to the team, will be looking forward for your next releases.

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Hope you like the free movement + mouse aiming idea implemented in a Touhou game that I got back in October 2019. The game is far from completed, but the "engine" is 75% finished.

Thanks atTAMUSIC for let us use some of their soundtracks and at yummimaichi for their awesome work, both on Twitter.

Finally, thank you for giving it a try. Hopefully the game will become a novel in the Touhou series ;)