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I usually never comment videos of my gameplays, but I am a fan of ImposterSyndrome and what he is doing. I loved M.Stain, and I loved this.  It was a VERY ODD game but I think that's part of it's charm, and the puzzle aspect was quite fun! Can't wait to see more of your stuff in the future.


Didn't realize it was THE LIXIAN who made this game until later LOL. Here's the gameplay just incase anyone was interested in my playthrough (even though I'm weird af) :D 

It was an alright game. I liked the originality of using spells to dispel the evil. But it did feel a bit too easy. 

This time I return as a voice actor! >:D

Considering I've never watched Black Mirror... it was really interesting, I liked this style the game presented for sure. 

It was laughable, scary to extent b/c he's always behind you. Over all, good game jam! 

There’s actually gonna be more to this game!? Can’t wait for future updates 🙌

Having a huge phobia of Michael ever since he turned White, this scared me more than it should have! 

lmao why don't you download the game see for yourself. It's a free demo

Honest opinions... the demo sucked lol. BUT It honestly has alot of potential to be a very scary and very good game! After beating the demo you see a trailer and it looks terrifying and definitely gives me some RE7/Outlast vibes. Now I say the demo sucks because it doesn't really get me hype for/show alot of what could make this game great. It's mostly a walking sim up until you reach either the elevator or you unlock the door with the bolt cutters. In my opinion opening up the game with a bit of story and then for the rest of the game you introduce the players to the control scheme as they try to avoid/escape the killer, would've been a better demo. So game has potential, but it's very hard to see that from the demo, besides the ending trailer! Can't wait to see what the final release is gonna look like. 

Alright if we’re being fair I came in thinking this was going to be another low budget garbage Ichio horror game.... which it was.... to an extent but it was actually rlly good! Had a good tense atmosphere, when you did see Sophie it was terrifying for the most part and the games puzzle wasn’t that hard to get after thinking about it for a second. I’d defiantly recommend giving it a shot!


Tbh wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into this game, was expecting another BS garbage indie horror game, but this took me by surprise! Now I wasn't super SCARED per say, but it was nerve racking to keep up with all the things you had to do! 

I went at it again... PAUSE with Dashie!

It's not a horror game  BEST GAME 2018 

It was definitely something lol. The atmosphere was tense, but no real monster or real scares, so can't give it too much praise but here ya go ppl of the net! 

Jacking to Markiplier never felt so good lol 

For a quick game that was put together quickly the game wasn't bad. Only thing I'd say to change is make it so the monster doesn't INSTA SPAWN, it feels a bit cheap and ruins the experience if you make a single mistake but other than that really fun game and everyone should give it a try! It's totally beatable! 

Yet another fantastic game by Dave! (I'm not sponsored to say that lmao) but yea man I was hype for this game when you announced it on Twitter! Hope you enjoy the gameplay! EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS GAME ATLEAST ONCE!

So wasn't for sure what to expect when picking up this game, but I have to say I'm really impressed! The art style and the visuals are beautiful and the puzzles were pretty straight forward until I got to the final one in my gameplay where it really stumped me. I think giving a little more info puzzle wise would be useful as an update to this game and also better optimization. For me I couldn't play at 1080p at 60fps. It hovered more around the 45fps area and I have a GTX 950. All in all good game and may do a part 2 gameplay! Really good! 

Wasn't the best game but it had a tense atmosphere. Can't dock it for too many points because it's a demo.

Was hella shorter than I expected it to be but I had fun and was able to make it into an entertaining video so thank you! 

Yet again Dave made another awesome game and while I'm a stupid buffoon who can't figure out the most simple gameplay puzzles I kinda saw what was going on and what he wanted me to do and I liked it. The killer is kinda OP and has X-ray and aimbot hacks but that's cool he still about to catch these hands!

The game definitely needs alot of work! The controls were clunky, and obnoxious and partly the reason why I didn't complete the baby level. Also speaking of that level... the frequency at which that baby goes off makes that level some real BULL BULL to complete and while I could've did it level 3 still probably would've made me rage for sure lol. I like the game concept though, Marge was scary as freak and the baby was just terrifying when I first encountered it (and I say it because that's not a baby that's the SPAWN OF SATAN!) lol for a short playthrough I really did enjoy it! Kudos to making the game. 

Big shoutout to the Devs for giving me access to the game. Wasn't sure what to think of the game at first, but it's got something going for it! I had alot of fun playing and it definitely is very scary! 

Good Concept, definitely like the game and would recommend all of you guys to give it a try! P.S. Game developer if you see this please fix the mouse going off to my other screens, I see this so many times on many Unity games. Good game though really enjoyed! Might do more nights!!! 

Amazing game! Somethings confused me like the "monster" that we only really see twice and the fact that it snaps my neck at random times! But the story behind it was great, the concept was amazing, execution was decent, could've been better but I ain't hating! Over all great game! Everyone should give it a shot! 

Weirdest game I will ever play...made for a funny video tho lol 

there's a new update??  Do I download it again from Also could you guys alert me of new updates when they come out so I can make videos ASAP! My first one did super well!!

Dave yet another BANGER man! Love this one, wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy, it was straightforward and just right! Everyone download and play this man's game! 

Amazing game guys! Has alot of potential and had me on edge the whole time! EVERYONE PLAY THIS GAME! You are seriously going to enjoy it!

REQUEST: Fix Saving lol! I thoroughly enjoyed the game, however I wanted to play fresh from the beginning for my stream and I couldn't and over all saving didn't work! BUT THE GAME IS DOPE! 

Really loved the game as usual Dave you have out done yourself! Courage's Curse and Elmo and Dora were lit but this one definitely got me scared! 

You freakers ruined my childhood that's all I gotta say lol! Good game tho! 

This is definitely what Baldi should've been! Big thanks to the Dev you're awesome dude! Some things do need to be fixed and changed but for the most part its perfect! Everyone should give this game a try!