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OJ Gaming

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Big shoutout to the Devs for giving me access to the game. Wasn't sure what to think of the game at first, but it's got something going for it! I had alot of fun playing and it definitely is very scary! 

Good Concept, definitely like the game and would recommend all of you guys to give it a try! P.S. Game developer if you see this please fix the mouse going off to my other screens, I see this so many times on many Unity games. Good game though really enjoyed! Might do more nights!!! 

Amazing game! Somethings confused me like the "monster" that we only really see twice and the fact that it snaps my neck at random times! But the story behind it was great, the concept was amazing, execution was decent, could've been better but I ain't hating! Over all great game! Everyone should give it a shot! 

Weirdest game I will ever play...made for a funny video tho lol 

there's a new update??  Do I download it again from Itch.io? Also could you guys alert me of new updates when they come out so I can make videos ASAP! My first one did super well!!

Dave yet another BANGER man! Love this one, wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy, it was straightforward and just right! Everyone download and play this man's game! 

Amazing game guys! Has alot of potential and had me on edge the whole time! EVERYONE PLAY THIS GAME! You are seriously going to enjoy it!

REQUEST: Fix Saving lol! I thoroughly enjoyed the game, however I wanted to play fresh from the beginning for my stream and I couldn't and over all saving didn't work! BUT THE GAME IS DOPE! 

Really loved the game as usual Dave you have out done yourself! Courage's Curse and Elmo and Dora were lit but this one definitely got me scared! 

You freakers ruined my childhood that's all I gotta say lol! Good game tho! 

This is definitely what Baldi should've been! Big thanks to the Dev you're awesome dude! Some things do need to be fixed and changed but for the most part its perfect! Everyone should give this game a try!

Had a blast. Everyone must give it a shot! Devs Please make this into a full game with a story or objective it's so dope and has alot of potential! 

Let's not GOAT around amirite LOL! I've been exiled so someone else had to play this game for me! ;-; 

OFFICIAL Baldi's Basics MUSIC VIDEO! He's Bald and ready to SLAP! 

Although this version of Baldi is a MOD, It's still Baldi Content...and you WON'T BELIEVE HOW FAST BALDI GETS!

Part 2 of this insane game... MY PARETNS WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS ONE MY ASS LOL! Next part we're beating the game tho! 100%

This was probably the weirdest "HORROR" game I ever played LOL! Is very original and it's wonkiness makes it more fun! Definitely play the game for yourselves guys!

Game mechanics were decent! Really surprised me for a free horror game. I like the bedroom setting and the concept on how to dispel

all the monsters was dope! Only thing that was annoying was holding left click the whole time because If you don't the blanket is constantly being taken away. But other than that this game was dope! 

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Great fun little horror game. Huge FNAF feel in the beginning but then transitions to something completely different! Definitely recommend this game! Can't wait for the full release!