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Oil Demon (Professional Business Man)

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Why did "congrats you know how to control a ball" make me laugh?

10/10 best burger I had, highly recommend, would come back

yeah sry the cops raided my house a couple months ago


I left like..........months ago

and your all still trying to get a drink

That's dedication I'll give ya'll that

Well buddy your insane

Its that simple 

Enjoy your new life

Its a video game

And the reason its haunts you because it wants you to join wants you to be part of the cringe.

Well my bar has gone out of business.....guess giving people drinks filled with cocaine is a bad thing.....who would have thought.

Anyway do you have  questions that you can't find an answer to

Do they haunt you in your sleep.........I now mine do

Well now you can get them it's pretty pathetic but's its all I got

Feel free to ask almost anything....I said ALMOST anything some things you keep to yourself

And I'll or anyone for that matter will give you an answer   So

What Questions Keep You Up At Night

*Fills a cup with hot water and some strange looking beans*     10$

*hands you a can of soda* every flavor possible is in that can 

but be warned......that amount of sugar and caffeine can really fuck up your inside's

anyway that will be 50$

That's nice to hear

Here have cookie make's everything better

It's was like the r34 version of a rabbit hole

The more i went down the more I regret everything

I looked into Xboxain's account

 I regret so much

I don't want eyes anymore

It like a horror movie with way too many sequels 

But we should be fine here.......right?


I could see why

for what?

This isn't good

This bad 

and down bad at that

Steve I've seen what they post

my minds more corrupted then ever

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How long has this been going on for?

I just fond out who this was today

and  all I can think to say is 


¨it was just a joke calm down¨

Good cause I'm not jerking off a dead corpse for you

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Just give me the money

(1 edit)

100$ or no drinky drink

Also what!?!

*pours you a glass* 25¢ please

*breaks it necks pulls it into the back*

*few minutes later put a sign* -Dino Jam Juice 25¢ a cup-

*Drags you behind to bar* Lady's and Gentlemen's

If you want your own glass of steve blood let me know

No that's my lunch

Okay I'm just warning ya

Unfunny Your not Gordan Ramsey 

You need to stop you do this everytime to come here

This is why your in therapy


what did you expect

*hands you a glass of tap*

Why not both *water + fireball=?*


* grabs a bottle from the back that quite literally smoking with dark magic and fills a shot glass with it*

$1,000 and you need to sign this contract that I have no part in what happends to you when you drink this

*pulls out a chicken from under the counter reverse time to when it was an egg, cracks it into a shot glass*


Thats my price for it

I like you style

*makes an average strawberry margarita and then processed to mix it with every alcohol ever made the smell is enough to make a person pass out*


ofc you do

*fills a glass with milk and put a bar of chocolate in it*


*put the blood of a puppy into a glass*


Geez you look like shit and I'm guessing you need a drink...ofc you do you wouldn't be here for any other reason

So what I can get you,  I can get you any drink you can think of......for a price of my choosing ofc have to keep this place running after all

Sit down and take a breath    you look half dead....when your ready to order I'll be here got nothing to do anyway *whips down bar table*

The worse part is once he hits 1M subscribers he going to be gone

Which means no more fnf or SSS and no resident evil village

It's been 2 months