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The art is adorable, the sound is perfectly spoopy, I loved every second. Thank you for making me relive the nightmare of encountering a redead for the first time, as I had about the same reaction to the first monster.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the thorough list, I'll get to fixing as soon as possible!

Alright, I can work with that! Think I know what the problem is.

Thanks for the report. =)

I'll get to fixin'!

I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Learning the mechanics are fluid and animation is lovely is the best compliment possible!

Difficulty was toned down quite a bit as I went along, one too many complaints that it was a little too mean. I'm glad it's still fun despite this though!

I'm in the process of fixing her run speed, as it's been brought up a few times. Odd holdover from switching from 30fps to 60fps, I think.

I can't seem to replicate the buggle issues (the moving bugs), but I'm looking into it!

The water's getting a little adjustment too, so hopefully it'll be  a little easier to see in.

There are, sadly, no real easter eggs to be found. No big fun ones anyway. There is a somewhat vague reference on the last ending screen to another project of mine that I'll be working on next, and one or two tiny shoutouts to the gamedev community that got me into this mess in the first place (they're part of the tileset and probably easy to miss).

Should I make any sequels, I'll be sure to hide some funner things though! Always fun to find little things hidden about.

Again, so glad you enjoyed it (and went through again for a speedrun, that is awesome)! ^.^

Thank you for the feedback!

The run speed has been reduced, glad it feels better now.

  • The spikebuggles are like that on purpose, they don't mind Bun hopping on em but if she rides too long without moving they knock her off.
  • No double jump when running is also intentional, as is the way to get around it as I thought it was funny so I left it alone.
  • I actually meant to allow a jump when falling off a ledge but it broke when I changed how jumps work. I'll fix it!
  • I thought I'd fixed the title issue, guess not. I'll look into it!
  • Getting stuck on the bottom of ledges is a known issue with the walljump. I'm working on it. =)
  • Same with running behind spikes. Or rather I knew it might be a problem as I forgot to calculate speed before collision for the wall spikes.

I'm looking into FPS fixes now. There's an oddity with animation speeds that needs fixing before I can get it working but it will be 60fps when everything is said and done.

Again, Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the issues. I'll get to fixing things for the next (possibly final) release. ^.^

Thank you! This is all very useful feedback and I'll keep it all in mind for the next release version. ^.^

(I missed some spikes, it seems, thank you for catching those!)

Thank you! ^.^

The resolution is based on GBA resolution, and I kept the camera pretty basic. I may implement a "look" key, so you can look a little ways ahead or add a "pan the level" scene on level start, but have not decided on that yet. 

I have died myself many times in that same section, I may be kind of a jerk when it comes to level design, but I have no plans to change it (I do plan to add more levels, however, and one of them will be just before that one and a little less mean to better ease into it).

 I have no idea why minimizing it is doing that for you. Trying all manner of window resizing on my end works fine so I'm not sure how to fix that. =/ 

Thank you so much. ^.^

I'm glad the controls felt responsive with the controller, my own controller has been on the fritz so I haven't been able to test anything with it.

I do plan to make it longer, there will be a few more levels when it's finally "finished", with different obstacles and possibly another tileset. This is my main project until it's finished, so I'll be putting as much love as I can into it.  I wanted to get everything working before digging too much into animations, as those can take quite a bit of time and I have a tendency to obsess over them.

Aw, thank you! ^.-

There will be more when it's finished. This was just to see if I could remake the first one, better, before trying to add more to it.

(Here ya go )

Thank you! It will have a few more levels to get through when finished. ^.^

I'll work on the spikes, it seems a common complaint. I'll see what I can do to make them pop out more.

That is the only ending, actually.  I may add in a second little scene though, to lighten it up so it's not so sad.

Thank you!

There's a little controller icon bouncing around in the Title Screen, if you press "S" while touching that it'll take you to a Controls Screen where you can remap the keys (need to use the mouse to select the keys at the moment, but that will change).

Thank you! ^.^

I'll look into a little screenshake for those, might be neat.

The remap screen didn't work for you? That's odd. I'll check it out. It's all mouse controlled right now, in the menus, but I'm planning to change that as soon as I work out how. For the controller, you'll have to remap the buttons to the controller to use it. I'm working out how to change that though, as it was supposed to allow keyboard and controller defaults but something's clearly gone wrong there.

Thank you. ^.-

The reason for the ledge grab is an extra chance to catch yourself when falling. I'll look into the ledge grab window though.

You're not safe anywhere around the snakes. That's intentional. Platforms wont keep you safe. Keep jumping. Don't touch the snakes. (it's really just supposed to be the teeth, I'll check their hitboxes, something might be screwy there)

The start menu shouldn't shake that much, so I'll try to find out why it would shake more for you.

You're supposed to press the "action" button on the "New Game" icon (whatever you have mapped for "Down"), which causes the letters "ESCAPE" to fall and Bun to hop down to the first area.

Thank you for the feedback. ^.-

I'll consider reducing the waterfalls push a bit.

I am sorry about the Game Window, I'm going for GBA resolution so things are a little small. There is a little screen icon on the Title Screen that will increase the resolution each time you interact with it (press whatever you map for "Down" while standing under it). 

I'll work on making these things a little easier to figure out. 

Glad you had fun despite the issues!

For the bug; Did she stick to a sheer wall or a ledge? She does grab ledges, and I've had a few people tell me that's a bug. When it's not, it is intentional.

I believe it's been fixed now, let me know if not though!

You are too kind. Thank you. <3

I wouldn't even call it a proof of concept. More "things I managed to figure out how to do in the time I've been learning game maker". I have moved this project from a basic Mario clone in Construct Classic, to an attempt at a more action-platformer in Construct to what it's becoming in Game Maker. So I basically have no idea what I am doing and am surprised it runs at all. But I made a promise to have something, anything, for demo day and here we are.

To your concerns;

The run and gun issue is not the framerate of the game itself, but the animation speed of that particular animation. I need to find the right speed for it as the frame number is different from the standing and shooting animation. All of her shooting animations will be more polished and responsive when I've figured out how to implement them properly. I hope,

The big brown thing is Miss Cake. Her shockwave was a last minute addition and I've learned that a stun would be better than damage. She'll have much more feedback when she's finished to hopefully assist there.

I'm glad you at least thought it was graphically decent. I am more artist than programmer so it would be awfully depressing if even the graphics were terrible.