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Thanks for the reply and insight
I also think it fits the theme better this way. I just pointed out that speed still was a minor annoyance that added up to the fact that due to some gaps feeling too narrow you had to go around multiple times until  you fit the near pixel perfect position

other than that, it's a great idea for a game

the camera kinda breaks it, if it didn't tilt so much it would've been a great game

It's quite weird seeing prices like "35.18 bikes" and I don't like clickers, it's not a bad one tho. 3/5

scored 980 on my first try
quite fun for a while

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Very cool idea! I really like the design. it's kinda annoying tho that puzzle usually took place in 1/3 of the circle and you had to go around over and over again to move key a little bit every time. This level also annoyed me, the gap (red cicle) is a bit too small, your character can't pass it unless you hold both right and up at the same time. also, when key was in orange circle position, it took me 3 tries to squeeze between in and a wall, scoring me 3 unnecessary laps and 3 unnecessary passes through that a bit broken gap.

i also got stuck there, overall it's quite easy to get stuck

other than that, as I said, I really love this game and I'm looking forward to your future projects