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The game is such eye-candy as well as the music. I didn't really know what to do in the start (I should've looked at your game page before playing so that's on me really) until fiddling with it a bit and got the hang of it and it's so addicting!

I'm not sure whether I should be clicking each garden separately when I have multiple but instead I focused on the ones with easier currency gains. (so essentially the newest ones that spawn). Is there eventually a way to multi-click the gardens? If so, that would fix my only gripe with the gameplay!

Very solid submission team, well done!

Very unique idea using a fighting mechanic as your foundation for the game! I enjoyed the storyline for a bit but it started to deter from the core game and ended up clicking through it (sorry!). 

The overall presentation was really pleasing, starting from the menus all the way to the dialogue, very well done! I saw a comment on the music but I couldn't hear any BGM? It could be a bug but I heard nothing throughout my gameplay.

Overall, a good game!

Wow!! First, I've got to ask were most of the graphics dynamic through code or did you have to do the sprites for everything?? it looks amazing!

I second CD_G6Q100 I found out about clicking the clouds by accident! I would definitely add a tooltip. It would be better if there was lo-fi/chill music and maybe a less harsh clicking sound effect ? 

However this game is a solid entry and I really enjoyed it!

Yes ofcourse! can you send your Discord and we can chat about the type of music you compose?

Title!! Let me know what you do and your discord and let's have a chat!

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I really appreciate the comment mate!

The last achievement category is Total Damage actually, I updated the game to reflect that and noticed that there was a bug and sorted it as well. For your last comment, I do agree so I changed the settings menu just for you!! (I hope you think the new one matches more)

In terms of the first two points, I wanted the game to be "bite-sized" and completable in one session hence getting the ship quickly. I guess I didn't expect people would want longer sessions so it's definitely something I will keep into consideration for future submissions!

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the very nice comments  :)

Very engaging encounter system (did not expect that) as well as your achievement system. I'm not a reader myself so I would have liked more stuff happening either in the background while clicking or the upgrades affecting visuals, however I still enjoyed the upgrade types. 

I do wish there was a heavier emphasis on the jam's Inter-dimensional theme but I do see the link between the theme and your game.

Good call on the auto-save system as it makes it more respecting of your time. This makes me want to come back to it and see it through to the end.

So smooth! I used one of them for my Clicker WinterJam submission :) (Wish I used more!)

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Hi! I used your icons for my Winter ClickerJam submission :)

I'm glad I bumped into that comment. I spent a long time refactoring the foundation to have a clear game flow and improve the optimisation but wouldn't have had time to add the little extra effects I wanted.

All I gotta say is keep going we can do it!

A simple concept that's built upon with a very unique twist on the jam's theme, wow!

What's your discord?? Let's chat there

Hi all! 

I'm a C# Gameplay developer looking for 2D artists to create a game for this jam, we can discuss the ideas on Discord and see if it's your type of game before we get started! :) 

I have experience developing (Please have a look at my portfolio) and creating games in tight game jam deadlines so I hope you would consider teaming up.

Hotfix update:

Based on the comments below I decided to tweak the game slightly for an improved player experience. Now:

  • Player camera is improved by increasing the FOV and allowing the player to see more of the room  for easier search of the cassettes
  • Added pointers that indicate whether a surface is climbable or not
  • Added particle rings surrounding the cassettes for easier visibility.


I will play around with the camera and tweak it a bit, thank you again!

In terms of the movement speed, were you still finding it slow while sprinting? The walking speed isn't too high to allow players to position their player how they want before tight jumps (for example getting on the lamp to reach the TV cassette)..


Thank you for trying out the submission, was it the movement controls that you found difficult or did you have camera trouble using the mouse controls? I appreciate your feedback and will be using it to improve this submission.


Thank you for trying out the game and leaving your feedback :) would you mind pointing out what specifically felt a bit hard to control?

I hope you still enjoyed collecting the cassettes!

Hey! I'm a dev and would love to work together for this jam :) if you check my portfolio and like what you see dm me your discord! 

Styx!!! I loved your art as well as the tidbits of story! Even though text-based isn't fully my jam, it was a fun concept to try!

Thank you for the kind comments Lemele! I do agree with you, it takes a couple tries to start perfecting it to the S-tier, I wanted the players to have a chance to see the demons and for it not to be too easy.. :)

Thank you so much for the nice and sincere comments Lemele, especially coming from you with your quality of work (I thought your work was one of the best in terms of overall quality and your art as well :) )

Yeah! I wanted to give it final stage vibes by giving the character that pathway that he runs on while the demons surround him!

Thank you for trying it and I hope you enjoyed it!

I might be using them for my rhythm game, looking forward to sharing!

I think I will be using some of those in my Match-3 x Platformer! Thanks!