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Oh no. This is TOTALLY my kind of game but it's not working. I'm unable to open the gates etc and it's just the first tutorial level. So sad. This looks so good.

Doesn't work. I really wanted to play. So sad. Says to press A and it doesn't respond. Nothing does.


Please, this refuses to install even when using the itch app. Says error. Would really love to play this.

Thanks so much for the "saperlipopette" code!

I can't find the password on the site?

What about android?

No worries. When I have a tablet, I will definitely try this new version. Looks SOOOO promising.

What about Amazon appstore? Or just putting the apk here on Itch? TIA

😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️ THOROUGHLY enjoyed this! Please, bring more [android] games!!

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Wow! This version is looking WAY more unique and interesting in gameplay than the already refreshing previous one. PLEASE bring to android/apk.

Please, can you upload the apk here? It's no longer on Google Play. Thanks

Awesome! Any chance this is coming to MAC?

It's not working on my new Macbookpro. :'(. Please, fix?

Android version doesn't save progress. You always have to replay everything again. Please, fix it. Such a great game otherwise.

Any single player option? Would really love to play this. TIA.

Oh, no. Doesn't work on new Mac :'(

What does LWRP stand for?

OMG, this would be so amazing on android

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OMG, this looks so good. I hope it has English tutorials. 

Can you add the apk file here since it's no longer on Google PLay? TIA

Can I play solo?

There is no apk here. Please, can you upload? Thanks

Played on new phone. Very cool game. Can be challenging to get 3 stars sometimes. Gorgeous and unique.

It's no longer on Google Play. Do you have the apk? Can you add it here?

This would be so good on Android!

Fun! Enjoyed all levels.

Silly me. Thanks. Just played it. Works on my new phone. 

Please, can you upload the APK file here as well? It is no longer on Google Play and there's no other way to get it. Please and thank you.

Omg! This looks so good. Hope you bring it to Android.

Oooh this looks good. I hope you bring this to Android.

Awesome game!

Cool game with some issues. Doesn't count all the stars so I cannot unlock the 3rd chapter no matter what I do.

Fun game but stuck on the 20th picture. Won't let me proceed even  though it's been perfectly done. Please, I hope you can fix this hiccup. Really enjoyed the game!

Fantastic game. Finished all levels with 3 diamonds! No longer on Google Play. You should put it in Amazon appstore.

Cool game but 23 of the 45 levels are not working. Just get a black screen. For the levels that work, it would be really cool if we didn't have to swipe for every single movement. Maybe one swipe and it keeps moving until we decide to swipe to change direction or tap to stop movement. Fun otherwise. Love the style and aesthetics. Unique gameplay which is always needed.

I'm using an LG Stylo 4 for reference.

So much fun!

Hi! Happy new year. Just wanted to check in about the fixed version? Any updates? Thank you!

Looks so good but it keeps crashing on my LG Stylo 4 😢 I really wanted to play it.

This looks good! Will you make an android version?

OMG!!! So excited! Fingers crossed!