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There is no apk here. Please, can you upload? Thanks

Played on new phone. Very cool game. Can be challenging to get 3 stars sometimes. Gorgeous and unique.

It's no longer on Google Play. Do you have the apk? Can you add it here?

This would be so good on Android!

Fun! Enjoyed all levels.

Silly me. Thanks. Just played it. Works on my new phone. 

Please, can you upload the APK file here as well? It is no longer on Google Play and there's no other way to get it. Please and thank you.

Omg! This looks so good. Hope you bring it to Android.

Oooh this looks good. I hope you bring this to Android.

Awesome game!

Cool game with some issues. Doesn't count all the stars so I cannot unlock the 3rd chapter no matter what I do.

Fun game but stuck on the 20th picture. Won't let me proceed even  though it's been perfectly done. Please, I hope you can fix this hiccup. Really enjoyed the game!

Fantastic game. Finished all levels with 3 diamonds! No longer on Google Play. You should put it in Amazon appstore.

Cool game but 23 of the 45 levels are not working. Just get a black screen. For the levels that work, it would be really cool if we didn't have to swipe for every single movement. Maybe one swipe and it keeps moving until we decide to swipe to change direction or tap to stop movement. Fun otherwise. Love the style and aesthetics. Unique gameplay which is always needed.

I'm using an LG Stylo 4 for reference.

So much fun!

Hi! Happy new year. Just wanted to check in about the fixed version? Any updates? Thank you!

Looks so good but it keeps crashing on my LG Stylo 4 😢 I really wanted to play it.

This looks good! Will you make an android version?

OMG!!! So excited! Fingers crossed!

No worries! Looks like a promising purchase just from the trailer! Excited to try it!

Yes. Thanks! You don't happen to have a light/demo version to start with, do you?

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Any chance for an apk version?

Ooooh, any chance you will have an apk version?

Love this game. So glad it's on Amazon!

Will you have an apk of this cool looking game?

This looks AMAZING! Any chance you will make an apk version?

OMG, this looks SOOOOO cool! Will you have an apk version?

OMG, this looks so good. Please, I hope you're making an apk version.

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OMG, this looks so good. Will you have an apk version?

ETA: Played on my new phone and I was right?! Awesome game! Level 26 was a doozy. Has to Google the solution for that one lol. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Can't wait to play your other games!

OMG, please tell me you will have an apk version of this? I love this style of puzzle but they're so hard to come by.

Another one. Any chance of an apk in the works?

OMG, this looks SO good! Please tell me an apk version is in the works! 🙏🙏

I REALLY hope you end up doing an apk version! Fingers crossed!

OMG, this looks SOO good!! Will you have an apk version?

is there an apk for this?

This looks so cool. Will you be releasing an Android version.

This looks like my kind of puzzle but it's extremely glitchy, slow and laggy on my LG Stylo 4 phone. Any chance this can be fixed? I would REALLY love to play this!

This looks interesting! Will you be making an apk version?

Hi! Is it still possible to get in on the Android testing?