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Gob doesn't run, task manager says that it's "not responding"

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This seems very... strange. Is this some kind of an ARG or something?

UPDATE: Okay there's DEFINITELY something going on here. Was wandering around in one of the Save States (I think it was 1 or 4?) , and found one of those old-school computers. It made a bunch of beeps, which I think were morse code.

Is there a chance that music will be added at any point? Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is nice, but it feels very... quiet, for lack of a better term.

Day 16 isn't loading

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There's no music playing for the boss fights (or at least the first one as far as I know) in the download version. It seems that reloading the game fixes the issue tho

I'm actually getting a migraine right now. To the sadistic fuck that coded this, I only have one thing to say:


Roses are red, violets are blue

I have a gun, give me your wallet bitch

Could you give a hint on how to get this secret ending? I haven't seen anything that likely would have triggered a different ending, as far as I know.

I love it, end of story

So I can't kill him if I miss a single shot?

This is going to sound dumb, but does he still take damage when he's stunned, because I wasn't sure if shooting him then was doing anything

Wait, so am I not supposed to kill him, but stall him enough for me to go somewhere?

Am I just stupid, or is the boss just not dying? I keep shooting it, it gets faster, I run to find more bullets, it kills me, then I have to go through the whole sequence to get the gun AGAIN. send help pls


My current life situation in a nutshell:

Me: God, I don't have any money and want to get some

Brain: Get a job then



Inevitable 69 comment

11/10 fell through the ground, got lost, I'm back at the beginning now

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The mouse stays on the screen after unpausing with the ESC key. Also, the camera turning movement gets all janky when you're facing the side of the building opposite of the stairwell.

Wait, will my save data from the previous version carry over to the updated one?

The thing is that you can get away with using the trial version forever. It doesn't end, all that happens is an annoying popup comes up asking for you to buy it, but you can just close it whenever it does. I've been doing this for years, and just about everyone else that uses winrar stuff.

God, the glitch pulse physics. SEND HELP

My advice would be to make sure you come into the level with at least one of every powerup with you. Watch the Domineeress' health, if it's running low, then take out the horde surrounding it. If things get drastic, use the time stop powerup. Also, Dagon's End is NOT the final level.

Ỉ̸̡̙̞̆̑t̴͈̘̑ ̸͇͗̔o̴̲͊n̴͓̒l̴͓̚y̴͍̽̅͗͜ ̷̬̋g̵̩̮̀́̈́ȩ̵͗ť̷̘s̴͇̎̉ ̵͔̗̚w̵̼̓̄͘o̷̖̘̣͂̈́̕ṛ̵͕̜͑s̴̛͔͇̜ë̷̯̬̮́̊ ̸̺̏͜f̴̨̘̐͜͠r̷̺̝̘͠ȏ̵͕̦͎͐͊m̵̖͕̎̎͜͠ ̴̨̗̪̓h̶͕͇̀̌̀ͅe̵͕̭̽ṟ̶̡̇͐̈́ĕ̷̢̞̺͊ ̶̬͂ö̴̼̯́n̷̡͉̳̍ ̵͖̔͑̔ȍ̵͓̞̞u̸͍͔̼̿̐̄ṯ̷̍̔̾,̶͇͕̺͝ ̷̯͋́f̷͎̬̦̿r̴̡̝̿͑͝i̵̖̤̐é̷̞̝̞n̵̥̓̚d̵̥̱͈͝.̴̰͐̀

Why did I waste my time doing this to the very end

One day, I'll look back on this and question why it even existed.

And then you'll break into my house and slap my face saying "because fuck you, that's why"

10/10 IGN

It froze again. The problem doesn't seem like it's being caused by my computer, because it can run the game at the highest settings just fine.

Alpha 1.7 on winrar

For some reason the game just randomly freezes. I have to turn off and restart my computer after this, because there's no way for me to tab out.

I'm very interested by what you've made. You have potential, and it clearly shows here! Judging by the Level 1 screen, I assume this game will be updated at some point? Overall, really short, but really charming as well